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L. Dimitrova

L. Dimitrova
Passionate content creator, an amateur photographer, aspiring to be a grown-up one day, I produce written and visual content. Am I doing it right? I have no idea. I'm graduated but also self-taught, keen social media user but also a bookworm. I'm always excited to take on new challenges and to collaborate with ambitious and open-minded people, like myself. Do you want to share an idea with me? Let's have a chat!

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How to develop a lead nurturing strategy with HubSpot

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 18, 2019 7:50:00 AM / By L. Dimitrova in InboundMarketing

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A couple of weeks ago, we saw how important a lead nurturing strategy for fashion businesses is, especially for an inbound marketing strategy to be successful.

Generating new leads can happen in different ways and through various channels, and if you've done it right, you should now have your new contacts which are ready to be nurtured.

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3 ways to nurture a lead with inbound marketing

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 5, 2019 9:32:00 AM / By L. Dimitrova

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To nurture or not to nurture? That is the question. The most obvious answer is to nurture!

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4 outstanding examples of e-commerce fashion websites

[fa icon="calendar'] May 21, 2019 7:50:00 AM / By L. Dimitrova

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The e-commerce fashion industry is without a doubt destined to grow.

In fact, according to Shopify's Fashion and Apparel Industry report:

  • until 2022 the worldwide revenue from the e-commerce fashion industry will reach $712.9 billion,
  • the number of fashion buyers and consumers will continue to grow to more than 1.2 billion, with a significant purchasing force within the age groups 16 to 24 and 25 to 34.
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Has Lush UK really abandoned social media?

[fa icon="calendar'] May 7, 2019 12:05:37 PM / By L. Dimitrova in SocialMedia

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A month ago, Lush UK officially announced its abandonment of social media.

The UK brand affirms that the constant changing of algorithms and the almost inexistent organic reach don’t integrate with the company's values, which include open conversation and one-to-one communication.

But has Lush actually left social media?

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How a Fashion Business Can Perform a SWOT Analysis

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 24, 2019 10:57:00 AM / By L. Dimitrova in Business

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A SWOT analysis is an evergreen technique to evaluate your company's status. As we've seen, it can be part of a vaster analysis scenario, the GAP one.

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