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Read all about the key events and highlights of this year’s SPICONX event that took place in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

This year’s SPICONX event took place in Dammam, Saudi Arabia from 3-6 October.


Established with the goal of creating a professional environment in which companies and fundamental players in the pipeline industry can exchange best practices and expertise, this year’s event provided fascinating insight into the global pipelines industry.


The event united sponsors and exhibitors operating in various fields, including engineering design firms, pipeline and asset construction companies, AI and machine learning, IoT companies, safety and security providers, environmental protection agencies, and more.


SPICONX 2022 featured a huge selection of panel discussions, keynote speakers, plenary sessions, networking sessions, technical workshops and more which took place during the three day event.


YourTarget is proud to have been one of the media partners for this year’s event and today we’re sharing some of the highlights and key takeaways that were shared.


SPICONX 2022 highlights


The opening ceremony of SPICONX 2022 began on the 4th of October and involved a reception and registration of participants. The event was kicked off by talks from the conference chair and guest of honor, followed by keynote presentations and an executive panel discussion involving industry leaders and experts.


1_day_Green Energy Pipelines DAY 1 | GREEN ENERGY PIPELINES


With the event in full swing, the first track of key discussion panels focused on Green Energy Pipelines, beginning with a fascinating presentation on the role of hydrogen in a net zero future by Mr Anthony Green, hydrogen director at Gas Transmission, National Grid. Additional highlights included discussions “Decarbonization through hydrogen fuel” and “What is the technology readiness of the pipeline industry to build economic high stress high strength H2 pipelines”. 


1_day_Smart Pipelines for Future DAY 1 | SMART PIPELINES FOR FUTURE


At the same time, track two focused on Smart Pipelines for the Future, which involved a number of speakers and experts discussing the role of AI and digital transformation in shaping the pipelines industry.


Highlights from this track included a keynote presentation titled “AI use cases for asset failure prevention” by the digitalization manager at Siemens, Germany, a talk about the role of AI in in automating aboveground leak detection and alerting by the chief marketing officer of Intelliview Technologies Inc, and a Smart Pipelines panel discussion that finished off the day.


2_day_Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Project Management DAY 2 | DESIGN, MANUFACTURING


Day two of the event focused on two tracks: Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Project Management and Operations, Inspections, Maintenance & Integrity Management.


2_day_Operations, Inspections, Maintenance & Integrity Management DAY 2 | OPERATIONS, INSPECTIONS


Highlights from the second day of SPICONX included a talk on the role of digitization in helping firms in the pipeline industry retain competency, as well as a panel discussion focusing on pipeline operations excellence.


3_day_Risk Assessment & Management DAY 3 | RISK ASSESSMENT


The third day of the event featured two tracks which were Risk Assessment & Management and Pipelines Facilities Instrumentation & Logistics. 


Highlights from the final day of the event included a keynote presentation “Reflections on pipeline safety management” hosted by David Newman, CEO of Asset Management International Ltd and a fascinating talk by Dr. Hamad Alawad titled “Towards smart risk management in the light of Industry 4.0 revolution which looked at the impact of digitization on industrial operations and risk management.


The event came to an end with a closing ceremony and awards session, in which speakers and key leaders were acknowledged.


Overall, this year’s SPICONX was an event to remember. The insights, ideas, and best practices that were shared will play a role in shaping the future of the global pipelines industry for the better, to align with sustainability initiatives and smart technologies that are transforming the sector.


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