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Click Analytic is a new influencer marketing platform that connects brands with influencers from all over the world. Read to find out more.

Influencer marketing is one of the major trends shaping the world of digital marketing today. Across platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, many people turn to influencers to get advice and inspiration for everything from which clothes to buy to which travel destinations to put on their bucket lists.


Click Analytic is a platform that connects brands with influencers to help them reach their customers and maximise campaign performance. The solution enables businesses to find influencers across multiple social networks, check their audience, compare competitors and manage campaigns from a simple and intuitive interface.


YourTarget spoke to Click Analytic founder, CEO and Head of Growth Paul Boulet to learn more about the company, what they offer and how they help businesses grow.


How did the idea for Click Analytic come about?


Paul Boulet: Click Analytic was co-founded by three Columbia University M.S. (Marketing) classmates. At the time, I was an agent for several influencers in France and the US across multiple industries (beauty, gaming,  sports etc.), and I saw a need to find the right influencers for smaller businesses but realised there was a lack of solutions tailored for their needs. 


I started advising several brands and implementing strategies and campaigns with influencers but realised we needed a tool to automatize the process. Therefore, my team and I started working on Click Analytic. We brought a range of relevant professional experiences to Click Analytic, having worked at marketing and talent agencies, large media  enterprises, tech startups and investment banks.  


How did you build Click Analytic?


Paul Boulet: The platform was built by a small team of developers based in Geneva, Switzerland and the project was led by one of our co-founders who has a data scientist background. Click’s beta launched in March 2021 and was officially released in August 2021.  


How many influencers are currently working with Click Analytic?


Paul Boulet: We currently have the largest database of influencers available in the market. With over 170  million influencer and brand profiles to analyze globally across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. It is basically any influencer or creator with more than 1,000 followers. 


What makes Click Analytic stand out from other influencer marketing platforms?


Paul Boulet:  Marketers choose Click Analytic to access the market’s largest database of influencer profiles for a low starting price of €33. They can search for influencers using more than 30 filters and analyze their potential with in-depth stats around audience demographics, interest categories and performance.  


In addition, we have received a lot of feedback from customers mentioning that our platform is extremely easy to use, which isn’t the case for most of our competitors in the market as they are often tailored for bigger businesses. 


Right now, Click is a tool for influencer campaign search, analysis and performance tracking but we plan on becoming THE one-stop-shop not only for SMEs but also for influencers to manage all of their partnership efforts internally. We want to make the creator economy more transparent,  data-driven and cost-effective for both key players, which means influencers and brands. 


What advice would you give to digital marketers and agencies who are implementing influencer marketing into their campaigns and how can Click Analytic help them do this effectively?


Paul Boulet: Click Analytic was created specifically for SMEs and marketers new to the influencer space. With our easy-to-use features, industry reports and training resources, new customers can identify micro and macro influencer partners that fit their target audience and campaign goals. We provide pricing and performance estimates for each influencer and users can track campaign performance – including promo codes, link clicks, and viewership – in real time.  


We speak to our clients, including Pret a Manager, Duolingo and more, constantly, and we are realising that the key to generating strong results lies in having a data-driven strategy. Therefore, finding the right partner with the right audience is key, as is focusing on developing long-term strategies with influencers and creators as opposed to one-time campaigns. 

Can you share an example of a successful influencer marketing campaign done with Click Analytic?


Paul Boulet:  Sure. We worked with skyn ICELAND, a vegan and all-natural skincare product range, and with just a single campaign involving six affordable influencers, they managed to increase their important sales by 900% using the Click Analytic platform. They were also able to maximise their brand awareness on social media, gaining 286,494 new impressions and improving brand visibility with a total reach of 278,000. Moreover, by tagging skyn ICELAND and their vendors in posts, the campaign achieved 763 website clicks. 


Ready to grow your business with Click Analytic?


If you’ve considered influencer marketing but have always been put off by the high costs that are often involved, Click Analytic offers the opportunity to access a wealth of influencers and their reach at affordable prices. 


Small businesses can benefit from access to a pool of thousands of influencers, all with over 1,000 followers, to form partnerships to expand their reach and grow their business.


Beyond discovering influencers to work with, the Click Analytic campaign management tool enables businesses to increase their campaign efficacy and track performance and engagement from a single, easy-to-use platform.


Looking for that ideal influencer to represent your brand and create buzz? The new influencer platform by Click Analytic can do wonders and match your brand to the perfect influencer.


Click on the link below to get a free Click Analytic Influencer Marketing Trial and start raking in likes and followers. 





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