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YourTarget is one of the media partners at this year’s SPICONX event taking place in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Read more about the event and partnership.

YourTarget is proud to be one of the media partners at the 2022 Saudi Pipeline International Conference and Exhibition (SPICONX) that is set to take place on the 3rd to 6th of October at the Dhahran Expo in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. 


SPICONX is organized with the aim of establishing a professional environment for companies and fundamental players operating in the pipelines industry to exchange best practices and expertise in order to optimize pipeline design and operational strategies within the sector.


The Middle East oil and gas line pipe market is expected to register a CAGR of more than 4% between 2022 – 2027, pointing to the importance of events such as SPICONX in connecting global pipeline operators as the industry undergoes rapid digital transformation.


Following is key event information and what you can expect from SPICONX. 


SPICONX Overview

Pipeline projects are expanding across the globe to create crucial connections between countries and continents, and societies are dependent on the reliability of pipelines and the robustness equipment and technologies required to transport oil and gas resources that facilitate vital processes.


SPICONX provides a space and time, spread across three days in the Saudi Arabian city of Dammam, for industry players to share knowledge and insight into how to best optimize operational processes in the current global climate. The oil and gas pipelines sector is growing at an unprecedented rate as industrial infrastructures attract significant investments from around the world.


As one of the main contributors to the global energy supply, the Middle East has over 400 active pipelines and Saudi Arabia is home to the world’s longest crude oil and gas pipelines network on the planet. Additionally, technologies relied on by the industry are evolving at an unprecedented pace, leading to new services that support modern sustainability initiatives that are gaining traction in the sector.


The event connects sponsors and exhibitors from engineering design firms, pipeline and asset construction companies, heavy equipment suppliers, logistics service providers, key players in AI and machine learning, IoT companies, safety and security providers, environmental protection agencies, and more. 




With over 50 speakers, 100 exhibitors, and an expected 3000 attendees, SPICONX is guaranteed to be a highlight for those interested in learning more about the sector as it moves further into a more globally connected, digitized world. The conference and exhibition will also involve the presentation of new technologies to improve knowledge and awareness of industry evolution and business transformation that’s shaping the future of the oil and gas sector.


Guests can expect plenary sessions with esteemed regional and international experts; technical workshops aimed at increasing the understanding of complex pipeline infrastructures; one on one meetings between prospective buyers and technology providers; and demonstrations of products and technologies that are revolutionizing the global pipelines industry.




Key discussion topics include:


  • Green energy pipelines
  • Smart pipelines for the future
  • Strategic planning and economics
  • Design, manufacturing, construction and project management
  • Operations, inspections, maintenance & integrity management
  • Safety, security, health & environmental management
  • Risk assessment and management
  • And much more


SPICONX chairman and general manager of Pipelines Saudi Aramco, Mohammad A. Al-Hatlani said:


“The importance of SPICONX comes from the fact that the Pipelines sector is facing critical transformation challenges and great opportunities alike to achieve Operational Excellence and sustain reliable energy supply to the world. I believe that SPICONX will allow all involved businesses in the galaxy of Pipelines sector to contribute in achieving its vision.”


YourTarget and SPICONX Partnership 


YourTarget CEO, Sabrina Princigalli, commented on the digital marketing company’s media partnership with SPICONX:


“Behind the scenes, YourTarget has been establishing relationships with industry leaders to ensure the digitization of the industrial sector in the Middle East and its alignment with the rest of the world. 

Events like SPICONX provide a crucial space for industry leaders to connect and share essential insights and strategies for the future of the pipelines sector, particularly during a time in which change is occurring at a rate unmatched by any other period in history. We are proud to be announced as a media partner for the event and push forward the digital transformation of various companies in the pipeline sector of which SPICONX is a big part of.”

To find out more about SPICONX, view the program, or register your interest in attending, visit the event website





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