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Everybody talks about SEO, as you need SEO to make you business known. But, what’s SEO? Can you take care of it? Here we’ll tell you everything about it!

So, what is SEO?

SEO’s full form is ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is a process of attracting the audience from the Internet. It is a natural search system. Major search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Most of the people use these for searching any kind of content.

SEO copywriting is a precise technique of writing that works towards the ranking of the online content higher in the search engines and drives targeted audience from the search engines to your website.

SEO copy written content have phrases and keywords that allow the search engines to classify content and decide whether it is relevant or not, in order to serve up the best results to their users whenever they try to search something. A great SEO content should seem totally unique and natural. It shouldn’t sound like it’s been written using the keywords, even though it has.

A SEO copywriter has an ability to create a balance between the choice of both – the audience and the Search Engines. Someone who can write educational, entertaining, authentic and authoritative content for their readers, while flawlessly using the right keywords and phrases in their writing that will get that content to the top of the search engine results.


Some people think that they can easily fool google. So they do not care about the quality and stuffing of keywords into a blog post and think that content will show on the top of the search. That might work for a little while, but the moment Google finds that your website is full of such content, will be the second your business’s website will go to the bottom of the results and lose its online presence.

When it comes SEO, then Inbound marketing plays a very important role.

Inbound Marketing, a short definition

Inbound marketing is a method with a motive to attract visitors in, rather than externally pushing a brand on them in the hope of generating leads.  If we talk about the Digital Marketing, this term means using a combination of marketing networks, most commonly SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media in creative ways to attract the visitors to your channel.

It has a simple aim of growing in terms of the SEO, so that it can increase the reach of the people, and drive quality audience, visits and adaptations to its website, using different types of media. Through using various types of content at different stages of the purchasing cycle, the ‘Inbound Methodology’ is the best way to change any stranger into customer and to promote a business.

Inbound marketing vs Outbound Marketing

There is a vast difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing. Though both have the same motive of promoting the SEO site, they both operate in totally different ways.  Inbound Marketing focuses on drawing the customers in, while Outbound Marketing is about externally trying to make a business deal. Inbound marketing wants to attract people and outbound marketing wants them to buy the product or service.

Inbound Marketing is a creative way of marketing that uses earned and owned media – mostly social media platforms. While Outbound Marketing uses the paid media, like, old advertising method, display advertising, PPC or paid emails.

Importance of Inbound Marketing:

  • It searches the right audience to produce quality traffic.
  • It has the power of gaining trust.
  • It protects the site from over-rating on one channel.
  • With inbound media, everything becomes very easy to measure because all the results are in front of you.
  • It works with the long-term strategies.

When it comes to making SEO-Content, always keep TOFU, MOFU and BOFU in mind

TOFU, MOFU and BOFU play a very important role in attracting the audience to your page. Under this, visitors come to your site while they are in different stages of their buying process, and it’s up to you to create certain types of content that answer all of their questions. Whether they’re just starting to learn about something or they’re looking for specific answers that will help them decide on a purchase, different visitors need different levels of information, and if you know what they’re looking for, you can create unique content to fit the different stages and cater to their needs.

Look at the picture, it will you help you understand the funnel structure.


The Top-of-the-Funnel is related to the simple articles with all the general information about the topic. Here Copy-writing plays a big role. If the information is relevant then it becomes very easy for the audience to understand the product. It is the first part of the content and inbound marketing. It is difficult to create the content that attracts the audience to a page. But there are many reasons why you should take care of it.

Goals for this stage’s content:

  • Establish yourself as a trusted authority
  • Educate people
  • Inform people
  • Attract backlinks (link-bait)
  • Attract Social Shares (Social-Pings)
  • Keep your website fresh with content
  • Newsletter Sign-ups
  • Lead-in Form Submissions
  • Phone Calls

Two types of people are targeted at this stage – one who knows everything about the product and second, who have no knowledge about the product but still want to learn about it. So basically, this stage is all about Educating the potential leads. At this point you are not trying to sell anything. Rather you just want to inform consumers about it.

The information should be good and qualitative. With a strong Top-of-the-Funnel, you will quickly become a big name in the industry, which will totally depend on the content that people read online. E-Books, Definitive guides, Blog posts, Guest blog posts, How-to articles, Beginner’s e-books and Free Resources are content that you should use at this stage.

The Middle-of-the-Funnel is the second stage where you have to target the audience who know about the product but are not interested in buying it. Here you start telling the leads about the product in a more evaluating way. You should always compare your product with others, especially with the competitors. Here you provide more in-depth information through content. You will find the people who are already familiar with the product.

At this stage your focus should be on:

  • Buying guides
  • Product comparisons
  • Case studies
  • Advanced E-books

The Bottom-of-the-funnel is the last stage of the process. Here the actual selling takes place and the work on Copy-writing ends. You have to use various selling strategies like percentages off, limited-time offers, free trials, free add-ons, and many others.

At this point, you have convinced the audience that your product is the best and that they should buy it. Now it is up to them to seal the deal. Some leads though, might want more encouragement to make purchases. With discounts and free trials, it becomes easier to attract them to your product.

When it comes to content, you can’t judge whether the visitor is engaging with the 2nd tier or the 1st tier of the funnel. Or is he/she just reading the last tier, i.e. the conclusion. You can’t control your visitor’s reading order. With the use of keywords, you will make them understand the product better. Here the work completely depends on Copywriting.

So if we talk about Copywriting, it plays an important role in TOFU and MOFU. Without a good content, you can’t attract your audience. And without a good copy-writer, you can’t improve your SEO ranking.

From the beginning, we’re talking about the SEO-copy writer as s/he plays a very important role in marketing strategies.

So what exactly does a SEO-copywriter do and why  are they so important?

SEO-copywriters are experts in both SEO knowledge and writing content. They have the potential to work with other professionals towards the success of a project. They can jam up with every single team member whether it is web designers, content strategists, programmers, app builders, or social media marketers.

SEO copywriter goes through these process for writing a content:

  1. They have to search for perfect keywords and phrases because it is very important for any SEO website.
  2. They Plan out the post to provide the best value for the audience and to involve and entertain them.
  3. They write everything the clients ask for in an interesting way. Their main duty is to make the content look natural.
  4. They write the perfect content which appears in the search results and draws the attention towards the website.
  5. They select the right title, a category for the article and add perfect images with keywords so that your article can be found.
  6. They add external and internal links to catch the reader’s attention.

“So if we talk about Copywriting, it plays an important role in TOFU and MOFU. Without a good content, you can’t attract your audience. And without a good copy-writer, you can’t improve your SEO ranking.”

Why you’d hire an SEO-Copywriter

SEO-copywriter has good knowledge about writing and all the facets of marketing

Beginning of any new business is extremely hard. It can’t work without a good content. It should be relevant for search engines and seem engaging to your audience. A SEO copywriter will help the business to create content that will attain the attention of the readers.

A good content should always have the technical elements so that the visibility of the content improves and websites get a good traffic. It is preferable for a copywriter to have a marketing background so that they can understand their work in a better way.

A copywriter will help you understand how to make good content in your larger marketing strategy.


They always research and select the right keywords.

It is a plus point that a good SEO writer knows how to select keywords because it is very important for gaining traffic on the website. They have the power to catch the opportunities from the market. It will help to attract the audience to a website because the content will show on the top whenever they will search for it. It keeps them ahead of the competition.

They have a knowledge of using the keywords in the right place.

If a writer knows how to weave the keywords in the content in a perfect way then they can help a lot in the company’s growth. The content should not look bad after using the keywords because Google will have a look at it. It will not only decrease the readers but also affect the ranking of the website.

If a content is relevant to market strategies then it means that it will feel natural and increase the power of it. When a copywriter knows all these things then they will be able to create the best content possible.

They analyse the competition to grab an opportunities in the market

Every industry works through competition. If there is a challenger then you will automatically try to do better than him/her. Here the competition is for the audience and ranking. An SEO copywriter will provide you with research and analytical data to help find opportunities for your business growth.

Along with keywords and other data points, your SEO copywriter will look at demographics, competitor analysis reports, and other reference material to determine the untapped potential for your business. In one sense, when you hire a professional SEO copywriter you are not just buying content, but you are buying business insight and a way to create content to meet the needs of your target audience.

They make original contents

Crafting content that is entertaining for your audience and optimized for search engines is no easy task. It takes years of hands-on experience to understand what content performs best with Google, and the marketing experience to identify ways to promote that content to your audience.

If you are focused on running your business instead of learning SEO marketing, then hiring an SEO copywriter is a great business investment. Your pages need to be optimized for search engines and drive conversions from your audience.

Instead of spending a week or more writing content that you are not sure will convert, you could be spending that time on other tasks that will bring your business value.

Therefore, an SEO copywriter plays a very important role in improving a business when it comes to TOFU and MOFU stages of the funnel.


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