Experts in B2B and B2C marketing combine forces in a scalable partnership called YourCode, which aims for international growth.

ZURICH, Switzerland. May 26, 2021 — YourTarget, an established inbound marketing agency, today announced the beginning of a strategic partnership with Codedesign, one of Europe’s leading performance digital marketing agencies. The partnership’s new name is called YourCode, and it will offer clients a combination of digital marketing and technical expertise to accompany them throughout their journey with all-around consultancy and provide a firm point of reference.

The direct connection between YourTarget and Codedesign allows clients to capitalize on a wide range of expertise, with YourTarget’s speciality found in B2B and content marketing, and Codedesign leading clients in the B2B sphere, along with their patented augmented analytics tools that leverage powerful data technologies. As both agencies converge to form a single partnership, digital expertise and experience combine to provide clients with comprehensive B2B and B2C consultancy—all from a single point of contact. 


“The main objective is to support each other, with our customers, to be able to offer all-round consultancy, to be able to reassure those who put their trust in us, to be able to accompany the customer from the launch of their product right up to its retention, in every language and throughout the life of the customer,” said Sabrina Princigalli, Founder and CEO of YourTarget. 


When asked about the objectives and goals of the partnership, here’s what Codedesign CEO & Partner Bruno Gavino had to say:

“ The main goal is always to bring added value to our clients. Due to the acceleration of technology and digital marketing solutions, our partnership will uniquely serve clients, creating a mixed approach from B2B and B2C. With the spread of e-commerce for B2B and the readjusted shopping behaviour for businesses, a lot of the classic B2C e-commerce strategies are being tested in a corporate environment with a lot of success. Together we offer a more complete service, and bring specific knowledge and learnings from both universes to the table, which in turn creates better growth options for our clients.”


Digital marketing plays a crucial role in today’s modern business landscape. When it comes to securing leads, engaging customers, and driving sales—establishing a digital presence that offers creative solutions for clients is paramount to success. This trend towards a symbiotic digital approach is a catalyst for the partnership being announced,  a chance to combine skills for a powerful, comprehensive approach. 

The integration, which came as a result of both agencies looking to expand their global reach, will provide clients with tailored strategies to tell their story, understand their audience, and amplify their channels to reach their ultimate brand potential across the B2B, B2C, and content marketing spectrums. 

To find out more about how, together, YourTarget and Codedesign can transform your business through this new YourCode integration – Contact YourTarget and book a free consultation today. 


About YourTarget

YourTarget, affiliated with HubSpot, is a digital marketing agency with multiple superpowers. Experts in lead generation, SEO,  web design, and content marketing—the YourTarget team combine skills to attract and satisfy global clients using the inbound methodology. Want more info? Check out the YourTarget website


About Codedesign

Multicultural and award-winning digital marketing agency, Codedesign is a search-led digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, social media ads, content marketing and data analytics for B2C clients. Their goal? To help companies reach their full local, national, and international growth potential. Find out more here:


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