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Tips and tricks for e killer SMM strategy to make your fashion business globally renowned

Last week we saw how a content marketing strategy is fundamental if you want to go global with your fashion business.

We also had a look at how a content strategy comprises mostly every channel you might use to get your brand renowned, including social media platforms.

So today, let’s take it from here and have a look at how you can develop a successful social media strategy to expand your business abroad.

6 tips to develop a killer social media strategy and conquer new markets

1. Tailor your content

We alreday said how crucial it is to have a Global Brand Identity and Unique Value Proposition. This is even though you’ll have to develop tailored social media content for each new market.

Let’s take ASOS for example. Just having a look at the brand’s Instagram international accounts we see how different the type of content is.

asosFor example, the official and Australia ones fully embrace body positivity and gender role neutrality posting. They include models and User Generated Content from users who are beyond the classical body type and depict cultural matters.

Even though in Italy and France these are hot topics as well, we see how the content on those social accounts is more focused on the current fashion trends and sticks with body figures that better represent the potential audience of ASOS in these specific countries.

2. Try giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff, and for brands, this is a great way to engage with customers online and grow and nurture a community.

Organizing a giveaway is not that simple but here are some best practices for you to consider:

  • Make the rules of the giveaway clear;
  • Be transparent on how you’ll pick the winner;
  • Make it a regular thing, at least in the beginning;
  • Be sure to be able to organize everything that involves logistics and shipping;
  • Spread the word across all your social platforms.

3. Gain some social proof

Word of mouth is still a great way to attract new potential customers, even on social media.

Gaining social proof is not always easy and, obviously, to do so you have to deliver fantastic service and products first of all.

When you first start to sell don’t be afraid to ask for a review from your clients in a follow-up e-mail or even in a memo that can come with their purchase.

But keep in mind that there’s is a thin line between a friendly reminder and begging for a review.

Gaining some social proof also includes Influencer marketing, but as we’ve said before, today’s online users are well aware of the dynamics behind this kind of strategy, so you have to choose your ambassadors carefully.

4. Be aware of social, cultural and political matters

The so-called “cultural sensitivity” is crucial for brands who want to expand their business abroad.

On one hand, knowing the culture of a market well will help you create engaging content for social media with which your audience will identify more easily.

On the other, being aware will help you avoid embarrassing epic fails.

You probably remember the most recent one: D&G’s promotional video for their fashion show in China. It was just painful to watch.

Apparently, the goal was to blend the Italian and the Chinese culture somehow, but the final result was atrocious.

As the video opens, we see a young and fuzzy Chinese woman, chopsticks, and Italian food.

Even if we (for a moment) set apart the overly offensive and disturbingly insinuating language of the narrator towards the woman, the video shows how the girl tries to use chopsticks to eat Italian food without any success. This inevitably makes the video to be “cultural-splaining” and extremely offensive to the whole country.

I got a little bit curious about the whole thing, so I looked for some video reactions, and I found this one.

This trio of young Chinese-Canadian YouTubers couldn’t say it better. Obviously, the marketing team had an idea, but it’s also evident that there wasn’t a single Chinese person to explain the cultural significance of chopsticks and to avoid the misrepresentation of an entire country.

You probably know the end of the story: this campaign exploded in the face of D&G, and the Internet went mad.

The lesson for you? If you don’t know a specific culture use a team of locals.

5. FB Ads VS. FB Messenger

When you first approach a market, probably your first choice to raise some brand awareness will be running some ADS on social media. It’s obviously a starting point but consider also that today’s social platforms are saturated by ADS.

So, what to do? How can you actually stand out from the crowd?

FB Messenger might be the right tool for you. The one-to-one communication is at its best right now, and people are expecting a brand to have someone who manages and answers their requests on social media.

FB Messenger might be used as a customer service and customer care platform, but also for lead generation and up-selling. With a good marketing automation strategy and bots, you’ll be able to get in touch with your potential online audience.

6. Don’t be afraid to experiment with content

At the end of the day social media should be fun for all of us: users and marketers, so unleash your imagination but still, keep in mind your online audience.

When you plan to expand your business globally, it will be fundamental for you to know your local buyer personas, their needs, buying habits, and so on.


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