Hubspot’s all-in-one software allows your business to streamline sales, marketing, and services efforts to empower sales and increase growth.

The internet is a treasure trove of marketing and sales software. With so many out there, what sets Hubspot apart from the rest? With almost 80,000 companies spread over 120 countries relying on Hubspot sales and marketing tools and services to grow their business, they must be doing something right!

In today’s article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Hubspot and explain how they can empower your sales for both B2B and B2C marketing. You’ll read all about the tools and services they offer and see for yourself the successful and tangible results adopting Hubspot’s software can have for your business.

We’ll cover some of the fantastic tools that Hubspot offers and discuss what makes Hubspot the leader in its field.

What is HubSpot and how can they help your business

Hubspot is inbound marketing.

Founded in 2006, Hubspot came to be after its founders recognized that traditional marketing no longer worked, and sought to transform the marketing process based on an organizational approach towards growth and an unfaltering commitment to sales excellence. 

Tens of thousands of companies across a variety of industries are using Hubspot’s software. Some examples include: Casio, Beretta, Suzuki, Tui, and the WWF. Heard of any of those?

What made Hubspot stand out in its field?

According to Hubspot Research, 88% of marketers use up to 10 tools. Imagine all those windows on your computer screen! Instead of relying on a bunch of different software platforms to manage all your marketing needs – wouldn’t it be much easier to have them all in one handy package? 

Surprise! Hubspot did it.

Hubspot’s comprehensive software makes that dream a reality by helping companies to attract visitors, convert those visitors into leads, and then close them as customers with a helpful and human approach.

Hubspot made everyone’s lives much easier with their inbound marketing and sales software that keeps everything all in one place, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and making for a more streamlined buyer journey for your audience.

How can you guarantee that Hubspot will help to empower your sales and grow your business?

Truthfully, nothing in life is guaranteed – but the statistics certainly make it hard to deny Hubspot’s success.

  • In 2018, 57.3% of companies using Hubspot saw an increase in sales revenue (Hubspot ROI Report, 2018)
  • 70% of customers saw an increase in lead to customer conversion rate (Hubspot ROI Report, 2018)
  • Companies using HubSpot received 125% more (B2B) and 294% more (B2C) leads than companies not using HubSpot (Overgo)

Those numbers are pretty big, aren’t they?

Hubspot fundamentally changes the relationship between marketing and sales within your company. The all-in-one software aligns marketing and sales, so you can visualize your progress and measure your growth without the hassle of using multiple platforms at the same time.

Later in this article, we’ll look at a case study of a company that decided to adopt the Hubspot sales and marketing software, and why they’ve never looked back.

Now, let’s flesh out some of Hubspot’s most effective sales and marketing tools and services.


Hubspot sales tools and services

Hubspot software allows you to align your sales, marketing and services to yield greater results.

Some of the best features of the Hubspot software are:

  • It allows you to create, personalize and optimize your email marketing campaigns thus increasing click-through rates and nurturing the customer relationship
  • A CMS (Content Management System) that is optimized for different devices and personalized for every visitor
  • An unbeatable SEO and content strategy that establishes your brand as the best in its field, outshining your competitors
  • Provides you with the tools to create effective landing pages while eliminating the need for designers and IT professionals to guide you through the process
  • Its streamlined CRM software allows you to view your entire sales pipeline while eliminating tedious tasks and giving employees more time to focus on other tasks
  • Marketing analytics tool to analyze your business and track performance seamlessly
  • Social media and blogging tools to optimize your content, ultimately increasing traffic and converting leads into customers

Hubspot’s software is available on an individual or bundle basis. If you’re looking for a comprehensive software that will yield greater results for your business, we suggest you check out their Growth Suites. These provide the Hubspot CRM, as well as products for marketing, sales, and services.

Still not sure how Hubspot can empower your B2B and B2C sales?

Let’s look at a real-life example.

Stella: a story of success with Hubspot

Remember the old saying “seeing is believing”?

We’re going to tell you all about how Finnish at-home wellness and health service Stella transformed their business with Hubspot and increased their revenue by €10 million.

When Stella met Hubspot

Founded in 2014, Stella realised that they could no longer warrant using so many different tools to grow their business. So in 2018, they signed up with Hubspot in the hopes that it could help them streamline customer relations efforts, build their online presence, and, of course, grow their revenue. They needed a platform that was unified, simple to use, and effective.  

Were their hopes realized, you ask? Let’s find out.

Stella started seeing the value in how customers interacted with their website and an improvement in e-mail workflows just a week into using Hubspot.

What other results did the team at Stella see?

  • They could build stronger relationships with their customers
  • Reduced friction across marketing, sales, and services departments
  • Ability to set up targeted calls-to-action, forms and workflows to generate qualified leads
  • Chatbots to answer common questions and save employees valuable time each day
  • Service Hub Helpdesk provided a universally-accessible dashboard which allowed them to prioritize tasks and effectively organize customer inquiries
  • Ability to effortlessly send personalized emails to B2C and large B2B clients
  • Increased its organic website traffic by 48% and its overall visitor numbers by 42% (Hubspot)
  • An increase of 400 employees

Stella CEO Aarne Töllinen says his brand’s mission is to bring happiness to the Finnish people. He has big plans to expand the company further around the country and is confident that Hubspot will be the driver behind those expansion efforts.

“The HubSpot Growth Platform is at the core of our business – we couldn’t imagine life without it now” – Aarne Töllinen, CEO Stella




How Hubspot can help you grow your business

Growth is the ultimate objective of any business.

How can you make sure you meet and surpass your marketing and sales objectives and expand your business locally or globally?

Whether you’re a start-up, a small business, a medium-sized business, or a large-scale business – Hubspot can help you make your goals a reality.

Hubspot isn’t picky like Goldilocks with her porridge…  

Choosing Hubspot provides your business with a comprehensive package of all the tools you’ll need to attract, convert, close, and delight your audience and grow your sales and revenue.

Hubspot’s tools streamline the process of owning and operating a business and allow you to focus your time and energy on what really really matters: your business initiatives and growth objectives.

Curious to know more about how you can empower you B2B and B2C sales with Hubspot?
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