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A feature article on the digital marketing trends for 2022 shared in a new comprehensive ebook, compiled by digital marketing experts from YourTarget

We are super excited to announce that YourTarget is officially revealing its first-ever eBook on Digital Marketing Trends and Forecasts for 2022! You can now download it and have your chance at reading through (and adopting) the major  global online marketing trends.

This eBook also has a special feature on the digital marketing trends in the Middle East, a region where YourTarget has recently set up office in Saudi Arabia and the UAE (read the latest article on the growing presence of YourTarget in the Middle East here). This eBook was collectively researched and compiled by the experts at YourTarget , specialising in 4 main areas in digital marketing that include: content marketing, social media, web development and design.




What to expect in the new YourTarget digital marketing eBook?

“The sooner your business starts using the online environment to make better deals, the sooner it becomes clear that your digital marketing investment benefits your brand.

Your customers will keep coming back to your site and participating in your marketing campaigns if you do them right. You can easily speak to your customers with an organised marketing strategy. Effective marketing keeps businesses competitive and relevant by engaging with customers across multiple digital media channels.”

– An excerpt from our eBook on benefits of digital marketing


That’s your cue. Until you click on the download link and wait for the eBook to get saved on your device, here’s a brief roundup for you to know what to expect in this hot go-to resource guide that we have compiled. 


Also, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all team members who worked tirelessly in crafting this compilation. They have put intense work into getting the facts straight, collecting data globally and for the Middle East, as well as giving it a beautiful, user-friendly interface and presentation.


YourTarget’s latest eBook covers the following areas:


  • Forecast for digital marketing trends in 2022 in four key areas;: Content, Web, Design, and Social.
  • Forecast for online marketing in 2022 spanning global zones while targeting Middle East countries.
  • Top digital marketing trends encompassing inbound marketing, brand building, and technological product development that are going to prevail this year.
  • Review of top industries in the Middle East where digital marketing trends are most needed. These include FinTech, Health-tech, Tourism, Manufacturing, Energy Sector, and Agriculture.
  • A sneak-peek into how YourTarget can provide the required all-in service environment for your company’s digital transformation such that you score fully in every realm of digital.



Indexed with comprehensively clear headings, the eBook takes into account the right content marketing tactics (after all, that’s what we do!) to make it easy for you to navigate pages, go through your areas of interest, and bookmark most relevant chapters.

“Content marketing is a long-term strategy that aims to build strong relationships with target audiences by continuing to provide them with high-quality content that is important to them. When your audience sees your business as a partner interested in its success and a source of valuable advice and guidance, they are more likely to choose you.”

– YourTarget Team


Get a copy of the new YT eBook on digital marketing trends and forecast for 2022 now!

If you want to read more about why we are concentrating our efforts on the Middle East and North America (MENA) region after having back-to-back success stories in Dubai, the whole of UAE, parts of Europe, and globally; our two special features contain exclusive interviews by our CEO, Sabrina Princigalli, and Mr. Tarek Al Naji, CEO MENA at YourTarget UAE.

Some mind-boggling stats from our eBook make it clearer why the Middle East and GCC market is our next destination hub:


“Internet penetration in GCC stands at 92%, hugely surpassing the global average. In the United Arab Emirates, this figure stands at 99%! Social media usage is highly prevalent in this area, with the UAE and Qatar having the world’s highest rate of social media users at 99%. Digital ad spending is also developing rapidly in the GCC market, with multinational firms basing their headquarters in the region.”


The Middle East is ushering in a new era of digital marketing with all the user statistics on social media and mobile data consumption emerging to the fore. YourTarget has opened a new office in Saudi Arabia and collaborated with new partners from the UAE and MENA region. It plans to provide the much-needed digital push to big numbers of startups and companies cropping up in the region day by day.


Whether you are a budding startup or an established company in the Middle East searching for an all-around, comprehensive service for strengthening your online identity and turnover, at YourTarget we are always looking to collaborate with new brands.

Don’t forget to download our eBook to see exactly how we can help you conquer your leads!




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