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FINNOVEX will have a series of summits from March until September 2022. YourTarget joins as a media partner to promote the event in the Middle East.

FINNOVEX, the leading summit on financial services innovation and excellence held its first summit for this year in Qatar last March 15, 2022, with YourTarget participating as one of the media partners for the Middle East region. Held online and live at the Hilton Doha, the event was officially sponsored by Qatar Financial Centre, and discussed emerging technologies disrupting the sustainable financial system. 




The global event held in Qatar, which is the first of many series to be launched this year by FINNOVEX, featured 27 speakers that included Qatar Financial Centre’s Chief Financial Sector Officer Henk Jan Hoogedorn, Lloyd’s Bank UK’s Managing Director for Data Products, Vilmos Lorincz and many more C-suite and high level executives that flew in Qatar to join the hybrid conference.




The FINNOVEX Global Series, which is organized by Exibex, examines the Future of Financial Services and how disruptive innovations are reshaping the way they are structured, provisioned and consumed. The FINNOVEX series of summits highlights thought leadership on cutting-edge issues with long-term implications to the industry and lays foundation for multi-stakeholder dialogues that explore the potential of these innovations to transform the financial ecosystem as well as the risks and opportunities that could emerge from shifts in the way financial services are designed, delivered and used in the future.


This is the first collaboration between YourTarget and FINNOVEX, in the highly-anticipated FINNOVEX Summit in Qatar that brought together key executives and companies from the converging sectors of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Open Banking, Block-Chain, CRM, Cyber Security, and FinTech.


The next FINNOVEX hybrid summit that will be held in the Middle East will be on March 22 to 23, 2022 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, May 24 to 25  and September 6 to 7, 2022 in Dubai, UAE. Register and attend the next FINNOVEX summit here.




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