A all-in-one marketing software allows your business to streamline marketing processes to save time, attract traffic, and convert customers.

Modern marketers have a lot on their plates. They often have to juggle various platforms between sales, marketing, and services while trying to get the most out of tools that are incompatible with each other. This results in scattered data, weak marketing strategies, and a whole lot of wasted time.

That’s where Hubspot comes in, and we think you’ll get along swimmingly. 

In today’s article, we’re going to tell you all about Hubspot Marketing Software. We’ll outline some of the fantastic features that make it stand out among its competitors, and detail exactly how it can streamline marketing processes and help your business to achieve its inbound marketing goals. Let’s get started!

Reader meet Hubspot, Hubspot meet Reader

Hubspot is one of the leading names in the business when it comes to marketing software. There are almost 80,000 companies spread over 120 countries that rely on Hubspot tools and services to grow their businesses. Moreover, companies using HubSpot received 125% more (B2B) and 294% more (B2C) leads than companies that weren’t.

Hubspot Marketing software (Marketing Hub) is an easy-to-use, powerful all-in-one solution that allows businesses to align inbound marketing tools and services for easier management and better results.

With Marketing Hub, all the inbound marketing tools and data you could ever wish for are in one place, streamlining your business processes and optimizing results. It provides all the necessary tools and services to attract traffic, convert the right customers at scale, and run effective inbound marketing campaigns.

Benefits of an all-in-one marketing software

Before we delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of Hubspot’s inbound marketing all-in-one software, we need to understand why a comprehensive software platform can make all the difference.

Hubspot Research found that 88% of marketers use up to 10 tools daily to manage their operations. Keeping track of different metrics across all those different software platforms isn’t an efficient use of time and resources, and can result in information falling through the cracks and decreased productivity levels across teams. The solution? An all-in-one marketing software with a simple interface that keeps everything on one platform.

Some of the many benefits of Marketing Hub include:

  • Saves time: You’ll spend less time switching between platforms and chasing up leads across various touchpoints with synchronized contact management and marketing automation.
  • Provides context for personalized customer experiences: CMS is optimized for different devices and allows you to personalize content towards each customer’s journey and nurture the customer relationship once it has been established.
  • Attracts visitors: Marketing Hub allows you to use blogging, social media, advertising, and more to attract the right visitors that are more likely to convert to leads.
  • Convert more leads with personalized outreach options and valuable data insights
  • It’s compatible with your favorite apps: integrate Marketing Hub seamlessly with your favorite apps like Slack, Shopify, Vidyard, Databox, and more.
  • Provides valuable insights into customer behavior throughout the funnel

Now let’s take a look into Marketing Hub’s key features and how they can improve your inbound marketing engagement and ROI. 

Key features of Hubspot Marketing Software

Marketing Hub’s excellent features are plenty, and what you gain access to differs depending on which plan you choose (more on that later.) We can’t cover all of those features in the length of this article, so we’ve chosen some that are most crucial to successful inbound marketing.

Content Optimization System

Optimizing content can be a time-consuming task, and in the ever-changing world of SEO, it can be difficult to keep up. According to BrightEdge, SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media. Marketing Hub takes the stress out of SEO and content optimization by streamlining the process.

Marketing Hub enables businesses to create SEO web pages, landing pages, and blog posts to ensure optimal performance, keeping you on the search engine’s good side. You can build engaging web pages using various pre-designed templates and customize them with a variety of options. Easily add catchy call-to-action buttons, images, and links inside the editor.

What’s more, the content optimization system allows you to personalize content towards different audiences using software that adjusts content to customer behavior and interests. This allows you to target content towards leads at different stages of the funnel and to improve customer experience with personalization tactics.



Social media management

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing avenues today. 45% of the global population are active daily on social media websites, and the value it holds for marketing your business is huge.

Hubspot’s social media tool allows you to integrate your social media accounts for easy management and post scheduling without having to switch platforms. You can manually publish content to different social media websites, or link your accounts to publish content automatically as it’s published. What’s more, it gives you suggestions about the best time to publish your post to target your audience at exactly the right moment.

Email marketing

If there’s one thing Hubspot does well (there are many), then it’s email marketing. Did you know that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019)? If you’re not leveraging the power of email marketing then you’re missing out on huge revenue potential. 

With Marketing Hub you get the full power of Hubspot’s email marketing software. You can build custom emails, choose from pre-built templates, and turn leads into customers with seamless email workflows. What’s more, you can fully automate your email marketing campaigns to target leads with personalized content gleaned from your contact base.


Through the Hubspot Marketing Software platform, you can launch SEO-optimized video campaigns to attract leads and increase ROI. Humans are a visual species, and therefore find videos content more engaging than any other kind. Moreover, 72% of customers would prefer to learn about a product or service by way of video.

Marketing Hub lets you host and manage video files seamlessly, and embed them with just one click. You can also easily update meta descriptions, insert CTAs, and forms into your videos to capture leads as they engage with your brand and enhance your inbound strategy. You can also use built-in video analytics to measure the ROI of your video marketing campaigns.

Live chat

The live chat feature allows you to connect with your audience in real-time. Automation tools like chatbots enable you to give every lead your fullest attention by having personalized conversations with visitors and leads. Using automation tools such as this one means that you can scale your efforts and focus on more important conversations.

Track and manage ads

Businesses need to be sure that their advertising investments are truly achieving results. Often it can be difficult to track and measure the performance of your ad campaigns when you’re switching between numerous platforms to do so. With Marketing Hub you can manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google ads from one place, allowing you to track which ads are effective in turning leads into customers efficiently.

Sounds great, but how much does it cost?


One of the best things about Hubspot is that they offer a variety of plans to suit small businesses, medium-sized ones, and enterprises all at different price points.

Marketing Hub is an affordable solution for any kind of business.

If you’re a small business owner just starting, you can take advantage of the free version of Marketing Hub and scale up as your business grows. If you’re an established business looking to combine your marketing tools into one easy-to-manage platform that allows you to set up advanced automated workflows, then the Professional bundle is a good place to start at $800/month.

You can check out a full rundown of the different Marketing Hub suites available, their starting prices, and key features in the image below.

Is Hubspot Marketing Software right for your business?

When it comes to deciding whether or not Hubspot Marketing Software is right for you, ask yourself: Is my inbound marketing strategy successful in converting leads to customers? Is my marketing team using their time efficiently? Are customers satisfied with their experience? If the answer to any of these questions is an apprehensive “no”, then yes, Marketing Hub can help.

If you want to personalize your inbound marketing efforts, nurture leads, and close more deals, then Marketing Hub is a scalable option ideal for any sized business. The all-in-one platform is a powerful solution that allows you to run seamless marketing campaigns that target leads at every step of their customer journey.

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