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The old-school Marketing that you mastered over decades has been, buckle up, rendered irrelevant by the technological changes that we are all too well aware of. The Internet, in one swift sweep has taken over most of the marketing tools of the older generation. The Telemarketing Calls, TV Commercials, Direct Mail, Trade Shows, Email Lists, etc. – all the top marketing platforms of yesterday are ineffective in their original form in today’s digital world.

How has the Internet single-handedly managed to change the entire Marketing scenario?

The thing about internet is that it has made Information very easily accessible. Anything that a consumer might want to know about literally anything, is just a few clicks away. All information is spread across multiple platforms. If a consumer wants to know about a particular product that a company is launching, he or she can check the company’s social media platforms, website, and newsletter – there is no end to it.

What this has done is that it has put the ball in the buyer’s court. A buyer is no longer dependent on the company to provide information. The buyer now actively chooses to browse the Internet and find whatever information they need. This shift from the passive consumer to an active consumer has rendered redundant the interruptive and impersonal marketing tactics of the traditional marketer.

Today’s tech savvy customer will not just tune out your constant attempts to push your product or your service in their faces, but will probably harbor a negative attitude towards your company that has been spamming his/her feeds. The customers have successfully taken over the control in their own hands, and hence, to steer the new waves of the buyer-centered market, you have to stop trying to sell your product or your service to generic robots, and start treating marketing as a human interaction between a company and a consumer.

What then, are the new Marketing Trends?

In the new market, a company needs to attract prospective buyers to its portals in the form of visitors, convert them into potential leads and finally delight them into making their purchase from you. This is basically how Inbound Marketing works. Inbound Marketing is the use of SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Marketing Automation, Personalization, Segmentation, etc. to attract customers to your website.

The best way to understand Inbound Marketing and the associated marketing trends, is to look at the world’s best Inbound Marketing platform – HubSpot.


What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a leading Inbound Marketing and Sales software that assists companies in attracting visitors, converting them into leads and finally, closing them as customers. HubSpot is a concoction of all tools, services and support systems that a company could possibly require to master Inbound Marketing.

What are the services that HubSpot offers?

Email Marketing – It gives you the opportunity, and the software required for creating, personalizing and optimizing your marketing emails. With the HubSpot software, you no longer have to depend on designers or IT to help you with Emailing. You can send emails that are tailored to suit the needs of each individual recipient, and through that increase your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates.

Content Management System – HubSpot builds for you a powerful website that has been optimized for every device and personalized for every visitor using data from HubSpot Content Management System. HubSpot integrates your website with all other marketing tools which essentially serves to give the best possible results.


  • SEO & Content Strategy – Using HubSpot’s SEO tools you can establish your authority as prospective buyers browse search engines. Planning your SEO strategy to optimize your content can be easily done, and strategically used to measure real return on investment. This is your answer to how to beat your competitors to the top of the search results.
  • Marketing Automation – HubSpot has separate workflow tools for automation beyond email to ensure that you don’t have to waste your time, efforts and costs indulging in repetitive tasks. This considerably increases your growth rate.
  • Landing Pages – The HubSpot tools makes you self-sufficient in designing your landing pages without having to counting on Designers and IT professionals to help you through the technicalities. You can create as well as run tests on your personalized landing pages that will look great on any device that is used to access them. This will go a long way in helping you to generate good leads from visitors.
  • Marketing Analytics – This is the tool that you should use if you want to appraise your performance in holistic terms through your Marketing Funnel. You can measure everything from built-in analytics to reports and dashboards at one place. It’s easy to be a data-driven marketer.
  • Social Media – This is a direct way for you to connect with your prospective customers. You can prioritize your social interactions so that you can make out enough time for connecting with your target audience and building a personal relationship with them, instead of shooting mails in the dark and hitting people who couldn’t be bothered less with either your product or your service.
  • Blogging – Use the best of the integrated blogging tools to publish good quality blog optimized content. This will automatically drive traffic in your favor and convert your blog readers into customers.

It is due to its excellence in these areas that this award winning platform has been ranked as the #1 Inbound Marketing Platform by thousands of customers throughout the world. More than 15,000 companies operating from over 90 countries have been satisfactorily using HubSpot.

“HubSpot is not just a software; it’s a CMS, a CRM. It’s basically what you need to make your business grow.”twitter_greenTweet

What is the alternative to HubSpot and how viable is it?

The one thing that sets HubSpot apart from other platforms in its field is that HubSpot gives you the software, services and support systems that you need for your marketing project all in one place. Some other marketers in the market, though are providing the same services, they do so through a number of marketing applications. The problem with this model is that it uses a complicated integration methodology. Managing multiple applications inadvertently means that you also have to manage multiple logins, user interfaces, data sets, account representatives, support teams and help centers, and find a way to consolidate all of this.

What this model offers you is at best a lot of pieces put together, which will be unconnected with each other and heaven help you if you want to get a full view of every customer interaction you have ever had. This means you will have individually collected data, and no way of analyzing it to draw any conclusions from it, say like measuring your ROI. Long story short, you are not getting the worth of what you are investing in.

HubSpot on the other hand, is definitely a more viable option as it lets you manage all your marketing activities at a single platform. It gives you the space to group all your marketing activities according to the distinct campaigns that they each belong to. It also gives you the bigger picture so that you can get a real return on investment across the entire funnel.

And all that you need to get access to this plethora of services is a single, complex yet uncomplicated platform – HubSpot that comes with one login, one user interface and one database.

Therefore, HubSpot is the best option for you to empower your business!

Now that you know everything that there is to know about HubSpot, you no longer need us to tell you why it is the best option for you. HubSpot is a trusted, and reliable platform that has proved its worth time and again. Its horde of services are all an essential part of any marketing project, and to find them all at one place makes HubSpot an irresistible option. It is the ultimate platform that brings together all marketing services, and offers them to you in the most customized fashion, so that in turn you too can offer your customers a personalized experience, while at the same time maximizing your return on investment.

That’s every marketers’ dream ever that HubSpot works towards.


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