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Technology has modified the healthcare industry. YouTarget shares the list of top 10 TeleHealth startups in the Middle East.

Technology is modifying the face of the Middle East at a fast pace. These technologically advanced countries own outstanding creations and innovations. The fusion of cutting-edge technology has conducted a perfect evolution in the healthcare industry. It has indeed unlocked the doors to amazing inventions that overpower the existing menace in the healthcare sector. A new generation of entrepreneurs and leaders has arisen who effectively solve the industry’s mishaps. Also, this sector is supported by the government to make medical services ample & quickly available.


The pandemic has driven technological advancements in the health sector by driving an urge to switch to digital platforms, which have evolved into health tech applications. The transformation has popularized a new form of marketing called healthcare marketing services. With the health tech apps, people have the facility to contact their doctors via digital platform rather than visiting in person. Mobile applications deliver the feature of video conferencing so that patients can directly consult doctors. Purchasing medicines from pharmacies was hectic, but now things have evolved as more accessible with online mediums providing medication to your doorstep.

Top 10 TechHealth Apps in the Middle East


Medical applications are evolving the healthcare ecosystem. The advent of smartphones with touch screens, intelligent Bluetooth technologies, and internet connectivity has developed many mobile applications for every objective, from measuring body temperature to counting heart rate. Today’s medical apps are evolving as more innovative, multi-functional and customer-friendly.


Healthcare and life science firms are adopting mobile apps more and more as their mainstream service. These apps are primarily designed for direct use by consumers and patients. This has brought about a significant change in people’s mindset toward healthcare by making healthcare readily available to patients anytime, anywhere.


Let’s explore the top 10 health tech apps in the Middle East region:


1. Altibbi


Al-Tibbi – the digital platform in the Arab world, delivers remote medical consultations and allows patients to speak with professional doctors in person through phone calls or text chats. The medical company also functions with 10,000 certified doctors on more than a million pages of Arabic medical content over the web and delivers trustworthy medical information to those who require it, in addition to offering online medical consultations to Arabs globally. 




The incredible health-tech platform also won the World Summit Award for the Best Digital Health Content Award and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.


2. Vezeeta


Vezeeta, founded in 2012, is a Dubai based startup that  delivers an internet and application-based appointment management platform for healthcare deliverers. The corporation also provides a free booking service for patients, while it is open to doctors as a subscription model. The platform delivers detailed management and analytical solutions for meetings and measurement of the clinic’s performance and patients’ online medical reports. 




The company functions to deliver interactive communication qualities between doctor and patient during the treatment and follow-up duration through chat messages, reminders, and conversation sessions about their test outcomes and medicine side effects.


3. Selfologi


Dubai Healthtech Startup –Selfologi, founded in 2020, is an online platform for listing   aesthetic medical treatments.




The platform authorizes customers to reserve appointments for aesthetic medicine treatments, including botox, hair removal, fillers, acne scarring, etc. The innovative startup received funding of 18M USD from its investors- Xenel and Tamer A Wali.


4. Enhance Fitness


Enhance Fitness, an Abu Dhabi based startup, provides an online platform to find and book fitness trainers for its customers. The app delivers a list of personal coaches available in the preferred location or gym.




The personal fitness coaches are available for all-around fitness, bodybuilding, boxing, MMA, yoga, injury rehabilitation, post-maternity, and swimming. It has collaborated with many gym centers to function with trainers.


5. Valeo

Valeo– an online app that provides home blood testing solutions. The platform lets users plan blood tests, receive results, and get personalized health tracking solutions.




After registration, an accredited nurse takes blood samples and delivers the app’s examined test results. Also, an accredited coach offers one-to-one consultation to keep track of health records.


6. Cura

Cura is a digitized medication startup that is obsessed with solving healthcare accessibility issues and on a mission to alter the way we see doctors today. Their app allows people to speak to doctors using their cell phones without the requirement to book appointments and physically visit a doctor. They allow you to select doctors based on their speciality, ratings, and other people’s opinions.




Currently, Cura has 120K registered patients across MENA getting operated on by 1500 doctors, generating more than 5,000 consultations. They have raised a total of $1.1M to date from unrevealed investors. 


7. Webteb

Webteb is an online healthcare startup that shares extensive health and medical knowledge in Arabic. Their website covers areas ranging from; health and beauty, pregnancy and birth, and medicine and diseases.




The company posts medical information from accredited health and professional organizations and delivers licensed content from global organizations and academic institutions. In their recent fundraising, the Amman-based startup acquired $3.2M funding through a Series C investment from Sadara Ventures and Siraj Palestine Fund, increasing the total amount to over $5M.


8. Okadoc

Okadoc is the region’s first instant online appointment booking platform that effortlessly connects healthcare providers and doctors with their patients. It is a health-tech start-up with a mission to build a better healthcare experience for the users. Using this platform, patients can find doctors across 130+ specialities who accept their insurance, instantly book appointments online, receive reminders, reschedule, cancel or even request earlier availability.




The platform provides both a 24/7 intelligent medical calendar system and a totally interoperable cloud-based solution that blends with most hospital and clinic management systems. It helps practitioners, clinics, and hospitals reduce ‘no-shows’, optimize their bookings, and attract and engage new patients. The app is free for patients across the country.

Okadoc was recently awarded the 2019 Arabian Business Start-up of the Year, Healthcare Innovator of the Year, at the 2019 Entrepreneur Magazine’s Agility Awards and International Healthtech Start-up of the Year by CV Magazine.


9. Health at Hand

Health at Hand, founded by Charlie Barlow, is the startup that delivers a HealthTech application developed to present video consultations by doctors, including full access to the video consultation history and doctor’s reports, which lets the patient build a personal health profile and securely save vital statistics in one place.




The startup has raised $4.0M in disclosed funding to grow its offering further.


10. Dhonor Healthtech

Founded in the year 2018, Dhonor Healthcare is a Dubai-based startup that concentrates on international healthcare blockchain services. The Dubai Ministry of Health and Prevention collaborated with Dhonor Health to deliver secure organ donation procedures and has started to register users onto the Dhonor platform.




The company’s second phase concerns setting standards to enhance organ matching with patients, organ verification and transplant optimization using artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. The company asserts that the hospitals will be able to affirm that the organ’s DNA matches the DNA data of an organ donor on the blockchain, eliminating organ trafficking across the UAE. In 2019, National Telco declared the debut of the UAE’s first health sector-related BPaaS (blockchain platform as a service) solution in convergence with Dhonor Healthtech.


How can YourTarget help the HealthTech companies with their digital marketing drives?


With digitalization in the healthcare industry, patients now have an even greater choice of places to receive medical care. Previously, they chose medical services located near their living location. In addition, the recent Future of Healthcare Report from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) reveals that more than half of the analyzed patients are willing to use telehealth services.


Patients increasingly spend time reading the reviews of health facilities and doctors they find online before using healthcare services. This fact indicates that patients are becoming more choosy, so they prefer to select the best option for themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, healthcare deliverers should consider healthcare marketing as a significant asset and an absolute need.


Healthtech apps owners must join companies that develop and execute successful marketing plans for medical apps. This strategy will help you form trust, a sense of expertise, and a positive product image among current and potent customers. 


Critical perks of implementing digital marketing strategies in the health tech industry:


  • Increases the visibility online and on mobile;
  • Builds a solid reputation among patients;
  • Understands the requirements and expectations of consumers;
  • Understands the patients’ perceptions of the quality. 


At YourTarget, we offer terrific digital marketing strategies and plans to boost the health tech business, acquire more clients, and generate the desired economy. Feel free to contact us today and schedule an appointment to know more about how the team of experts at YourTarget can transform your HealthTech firm or startup. We can support your company in reaching new heights in the digital realm and reach more clients and patients more effectively through effective digital marketing campaigns and apps.


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