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SEO Optimization is an everyday topic. A lot of reliable blogs and sources addressed the topic by discussing how to efficiently optimize your content in order to achieve good visibility, but few of them explain why you need SEO for your online presence. Well, we’ve decided to clear the topic up in this article, explaining what exactly SEO optimization is, why you need it and what are the best practices you can take into consideration in order to reach an increased online visibility for your business. Ready? Let’s start.

What is SEO Optimization?

SEO (i.e. Search Engine Optimization) is the organic improvement of any kind of online content. What do we mean by “organic” here? It’s basically content optimization through keywords that your audience is most likely to use in search engines when looking for a product or a service. This kind of optimization is vital for your business in order for it to rank in the first results of the SERP of any search engine (mainly Google though). This kind of strategy can be developed in several ways, such as:

  • including relevant keywords in the static pages of your website;
  • blogging about relevant topics your audience might be searching for;
  • efficient use of social media.

As you can see, we talk about “relevant” keywords and “efficient” use of social media. Keep in mind that, today, Google algorithm is extremely aware of what a certain topic is about and if it’s created with a pertinent purpose or not. But we’ll talk about some “do’s and don’ts” later.

If you’re reading this article you’re probably already aware about the potential behind this kind of strategy, but we like to support our thesis with some old school data and statistics:

  • between 70% and 80% of internet users completely ignore the paid results of an online search. They mostly rely on the first organic results of the Google SERP (Search Engine Land);
  • the first three results from an organic search are clicked by 60% of users (Search Engine Journal);
  • SEO leads face a 14.6% closed rated, compared to 1.7% of outbound leads, approached via cold calls or printed advertising (Search Engine Journal);
  • an Inbound Marketing strategy, such as SEO optimization, content marketing and marketing automation, will cost you 61% less than an outbound marketing strategy (Search Engine Journal).


Wow, there are a lot of eye-catching numbers, aren’t there? Let’s go in-depth and actually discover why you should consider introducing an SEO optimization strategy to increase your online visibility.

4 reasons why introducing SEO optimization is vital for your business today

1. Visibility

It might be the most obvious one, but we think it’s the n.1 reason why you should consider this kind of strategy.

The reason is quite simple. As we’ve said, nowadays Google is intelligent enough to understand the content of your website. Therefore, if you’re ranked among the first results, the client will know that your offer is pretty reliable. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

2. Being a reliable source of content

Google’s search engine algorithm changes around 500-600 per year and the effort in order to appear in the first results becomes every year more challenging. But no worries, there is a very efficient way to confront this kind of situation: by offering relevant content to your audience. Today’s online marketing strategies take into consideration the needs and the queries of your clients and your potential audience, therefore you should consider offering them content that can satisfy their doubts and needs. Not only will you become a relevant source of content for your potential clients, but you’ll also have the possibility of ranking your website on the first page of Google.


“Being among the first organic results in online research also makes you the first choice for your potential clients” 


3. Higher conversion rate

As we’ve seen, businesses who decided to introduce inbound marketing strategies rather than the old school outbound ones, faced a higher conversion rate. 

Also, in this case, the reason is pretty simple. Thanks to these kind of strategies, such as SEO optimization, you rank your content in order to solve an actual problem for your potential clients and to be there when they’re looking for your products or services. You don’t appear out of the blue pretending that you already know everything about them. That’s the beauty of organic optimization. With some effort, you’ll be the first choice for your audience. Listening is a crucial part of this method, and thanks to tools such as the keyword search planner, you can actually see what your audience is looking for, and build relevant content around it.

4. Lower prices higher profit

Oh yes, my fellow marketer/business owner. We’ve seen that introducing non-disruptive marketing strategies will cost you 61% less, such as SEO optimization rather than the outdated outbound marketing ones. Not only will these kind of strategies cost you less, but they’ll also contribute to an increase in conversion rate in terms of new leads and clients. Thankfully, on the market, there are a lot of all-in-one tools that offer excellent support in creating an SEO optimization strategy from A to Z. And we know it well, it’s a win-win for both you and your clients. Forget about huge investments in offline advertising strategies, such as personnel for cold calls, printed brochures etc. Say hello to the evolution of today’s marketing suitable even for SME that are looking forward to conquering the markets.

These are only a few of the reasons why introducing an SEO optimization strategy is vital for your business today.

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Now, as promised, let’s also see some do’s and don’ts when forming an effective SEO optimization strategy.

SEO optimization: here are some best practices

Use the keywords wisely

After you’ve identified the keywords that are most suitable for your business, you should start using them. Firstly, optimizing the static pages of your website with keywords regarding mainly the products or services you offer. But be careful, don’t over-use keywords thinking that this will rank you in the first results. Actually, it might penalize your website, because as we’ve said Google can interpret the context a keyword is used in, and the results might be pretty disastrous for your content’s visibility. If you’re not a pro, having a word with an SEO expert might be the right start.


We’ve seen how Google’s algorithm changes on a daily basis, in order to offer the best experience to its users and the most suitable content. For this reason, blogging should become a priority in your marketing strategy. B2B companies who actively blog have 67% more leads per month than companies who don’t. 

Blogging not only increases your incoming leads but also your online visibility and credibility (i.e. building a topic around a keyword that your audience is searching increases your possibility of being the choice of that one client).

Cluster your topics

One of the best practices is to use long-tail keywords, and it certainly is when it comes to blogging around relevant content your audience is looking for. But in the long run, your blog posts might become repetitive. Thankfully, HubSpot came up with a great solution, i.e. topic clusters.




Be social….for real

We really mean it. Besides giving you a consolidated online presence, being active on social media gives a boost to your website ranking.

How? Producing relevant content on social media opens a ton of opportunity in terms of linked content. The more your content is linked, the more your chances of ranking in the first results increases. In these terms, also considering developing a strategy for YouTube might be a plus in terms of SEO optimization. Not only because video content is the most consumed type of content today, but also because YouTube is the second most used search engine among Internet users.

Creating brand oriented videos might lead to links and therefore an organic boost to your online visibility.

We hope that the information we’ve shared might be useful for your business, but we won’t let you go away without a little something.

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