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The YourTarget and BOST union aim to boost business strategies integration with AI digital technologies for companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

YourTarget announces the beginning of a strategic partnership with BOST  (Business Of Smart Things), one of the leading business consultancies headquartered in Saudi Arabia. The partnership’s new name is YourBOST, and it will offer clients a combination of online digital marketing and high level business expertise. This unique union will accompany clients throughout their journey with all-around consultancy and provide a firm point of reference. 


The direct connection between YourTarget and BOST allows clients to capitalize on a wide range of expertise. YourTarget brings its speciality found in inbound marketing via Hubspot, B2B and content marketing, and the BOST’s leadership team in Saudi Arabia, offers their 36 years track record in providing world-class business consultancy and cutting edge IT solutions provided through the firm’s expert team of engineers and managers. As both companies converge to form a single partnership with digital expertise and experience it will combine to provide our clients with a comprehensive inbound marketing, AI & digital business consultancy—all from a single point of contact. 


“The main objective is to support each other, with our customers, to be able to offer all-round consultancy, to be able to reassure those who put their trust in us, to be able to accompany the customer from the launch of their product right up to its retention, in every language and throughout the life of the customer,” said Sabrina Princigalli, Founder and CEO of YourTarget. 


When asked about the objectives and goals of the partnership, here’s what BOST Founder Mohammed M Alshammary had to say:


 “Marketing has always been about connecting and communicating with the clients, creating and exchanging offerings that add value to customers. Today, many existing and potential customers are spending more of their time (online!). BOST is proud to announce our partnership with YourTarget, a Swiss-based company specializing in inbound marketing backed by Hubspot with its powerful AI analytics reports, in which we will offer their products and services to our clients in Saudi Arabia.”


Digital marketing combined with AI technology plays a crucial role in today’s modern business landscape. When it comes to securing leads, engaging customers, and driving sales it is essential to establish a digital presence, backed up by reports through AI analytics and Hubspot inbound marketing. This trend towards a symbiotic digital approach is a catalyst for the partnership being announced and a chance to combine technical, digital and business skills for a powerful, comprehensive approach. 


This integration comes as a result of both firms looking to expand their reach to provide clients in Saudi Arabia and the GCC with tailored strategies to tell their story, understand their audience, and amplify their channels to reach their ultimate global brand potential. 


To find out more about how, together, YourTarget and BOST can transform your business through this new YourBOST integration – Contact YourTarget and book a free consultation today. 


About YourTarget

YourTarget, affiliated with HubSpot, is a digital marketing agency with multiple superpowers. Experts in lead generation, SEO,  web design, and content marketing—the YourTarget team combines skills to attract and satisfy global clients using the inbound methodology. Want more info? Check out the YourTarget website


About BOST

In 1986, the first Business Information Saudi Company (IIT) was established by Mohammed M Alshammary and his partners, which published the top 100 Saudi Companies in Arab News and the Wall Street Journal. Following this, the completed Top 1000 Saudi Companies Directory was published. For more than 36 years, Alshammary has made valuable contributions in many other fields, such as E-business, E-commerce, Smart Cities, and telecommunication. In 2020, BOST (Business Of Smart Things) was formed focusing on AI, IoT, Smart Cities, and Professional Services to bring and localize cutting-edge technologies with leading professionals from the digital sector to shape the business and industry of the Saudi economy. Get more information from the BOST website




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