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The instant messaging app Telegram, created by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013, can represent a good opportunity for the inbound marketing companies

The instant messaging app Telegram, created by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013, can represent a good opportunity for the inbound marketing companies.

In the following article we’re talking about:

  • Telegram features
  • Telegram marketing strategy
  • Telegram and inbound marketing: are you ready for a revolution?

Telegram Features

Telegram is an instant messaging app with the following features:

  • chats and secret chats
  • groups and supergroups
  • public and private channels
  • Bots


Channels were initially one-directional but now you can add reactions and surveys to them. Each channel is characterized by a link This link is not tied to your telephone number and for this reason it’s easy to share it. Channels are visible to anyone and can be easily found through the Telegram feature, global research.

“Telegram changes the way companies interact with their customers. Telegram is a revolution!”twitter_greenTweet

A distinctive element of this app are Bots, non-human users, with superpowers, easily recognisable because their usernames end with the word “bot”. They are set up in order to perform various functions such as customer service, text editing, surveys, channel promotions entertainment and so on. 

How to set up a Telegram Marketing Strategy

If you want to include telegram in your marketing strategy you have to follow these steps:

  1. Set up the right goals
  2. Create a channel
  3. Create an editorial plan
  4. Promote your channel on social media
  5. Provide your customers with real time help
  6. Create a private channel with exclusive contents for your loyal customers;

1. Set up your goals


Now you are ready to take the first step, i.e. defining your goals. Remember your goals must be: SMART, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely.

  • Specific: your goal should be unambiguous and communicate what it is expected, why it is important, who’s involved, where it is going to happen and which constraints are in place;
  • Measurable: your goal should have concrete criteria for measuring progress and reaching the goal;
  • Attainable: your goal should be realistic and possible for your team to reach;
  • Relevant: your goal should matter to your business and address a core initiative;
  • Timely: you should have an expected date that you will reach the goal.

SMART goals could be:

  • increasing your website traffic by 30%
  • increasing sales by 100%
  • reducing customer service costs

2. Create a Telegram channel

You are ready for the next step, the creation of your channel. The usability of this app allows you to understand how to use it in a simple manner:

  • Open the menu on the left and click on the tab “new channel”
  • Name it
  • Personalize the link


3. Create an editorial plan

The hardest part of the job on Telegram is the content curation: it’s through the good contents that you can engage your users. So choose the best contents for your target, the right tone of the voice, decide how frequently you have to post and make the most of them. The main contents you can use for your channel are:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Guide
  • Landing page
  • Faq
  • Newsletter

4. Social media promotion

Your are ready for the next step, the social media promotion. You can use your social media to post the launch of your telegram channel and then to show your customers the previews of the content you are writing for your Telegram channel.

5. Real time support

You can use Telegram to provide your customers with:

  • Real time support
  • Direct assistance
  • Feedback managementchat_bot

6. A private channel with exclusive contents for the loyal customers

You can use your private channel to reward your loyal customers with offers and discounts.

Telegram allows you to take care of your customer during his buyer’s journey with targeted and customized contents.

Telegram is a revolution because it changes the way companies interact with their customers.  Even if Telegram has not been created for the advertising, it’s a great opportunity for companies that want to build a strong relationship with their customers. It requires a new mindset. Companies that choose to open a Telegram channel are sending a clear message to their customers: i’m not here to advertise, I don’t want you to be forced to buy my products or services. I’m here to interact with you, to create a strong relationship with you and give you the assistance you need.

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