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Include these key marketing principles in your strategy with HubSpot!

You probably already got it: if you want your business to be successful, you need to develop a functional digital strategy and integrate some innovative tools in your company’s structure.

And I know that you’re trying: you have a corporate blog, you’ve opened a FB company’s page and an IG business profile and yet, there are no results.

Here at YourTarget, this is a familiar situation: many of our clients have started to “do something online,” but there are no new incoming leads, let alone new clients. As for you, you probably are making the same two mistakes as our prospects:

  • You have a lack of patience and consistency;
  • You use outdated tools to manage your marketing and selling strategies.

But no worries, there is a solution to both problems, and its name is HubSpot.

We’ve talked a lot about the American software company, but this blog post will be a little bit different.

We’ll still have a glance at the main features of the powerful software, but we’ll also explain how this All-In-One tool will help you put in practice some fundamental marketing principles.

What is HubSpot and how it can help you set successful Inbound Marketing and Inbound Selling strategies

HubSpot is an All-in-One software that helps you develop goal-oriented Inbound Marketing and Inbound Selling strategies.

When I say All-in-One, I mean it! The tool offers a variety of features for the two departments to:

Besides the free CRM, HubSpot has a list of powerful tools both for Marketing and Sales for:

  • SEO optimization
  • Blogging
  • Lead generation (landing pages and forms);
  • Marketing automation (workflow);
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Lead nurturing;
  • Social media management;
  • Content management;
  • Analytics and report;
  • Prospects management;
  • Leads and client’ management;

And so on.

The beauty of HubSpot is that you can customize the software according to your needs and the goals you want to achieve. Also, it’s designed for you to develop a customer-centric strategy, which is fundamental nowadays if you’re going to conquer your potential clients.hubspot

To explain HubSpot in a single blog post is a tough one. If you want to know a little bit more about this revolutionary tool, book a free consultation with our team. We’ll be glad to show you all the software potential for your business.

In the next paragraph, we’ll discuss a tiny little bit of how HubSpot can improve your marketing efforts.

We’ll take into consideration the list of the marketing principles from the book Retail 4.0, 10 Rules of the Digital Age.

How to integrate these 4 marketing principles in your strategy with HubSpot

The book I mentioned above, written by Philip Kotler in collaboration with Giuseppe Stigliano, takes into consideration the retail industry, but the listed best practices are functional for every business, in my opinion.

Even if you’re not a marketing expert, it’s possible that you’ve already heard about Kotler. If not, here’s a little refresh: Philip Kotler is a marketing expert and consultant. Currently, he’s S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

He invented the concept of the marketing mix. To make it simple: Kotler stands for marketing as Schumacher stands for F1.

When I first came across the book, I can’t deny I was a little skeptical, thinking that it will be a renewed version of some old school marketing principles.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

The ten principles in the book are:

  1. Be invisible
  2. Be seamless
  3. Be a destination
  4. Be loyal
  5. Be professional
  6. Be a curator
  7. Be human
  8. Be boundless
  9. Be exponential
  10. Be brave

I was wrong because as you see, these are all principles for businesses to succeed in developing customer-centric marketing strategies to be helpful, relevant, bold, i.e., all elements that characterize the Inbound methodology.

Let’s see how HubSpot can help you integrate some of these principles in your marketing strategy.

Be invisible

Being invisible means that customers don’t have to be aware of how things happen in your company in terms of workings, logistics, and internal management.

As you know, for a visitor to your website to become a customer, marketing and sales have to collaborate, and each department needs to have a clear vision of how a visitor/lead/customer has been managed till that exact moment.

HubSpot helps you keep all this information stored for your people to know so they can be helpful and give the potential client all the information and assistance he or she needs.

Be a destination


We won’t be the ones telling you that competitors are around the corner whether you’re a local business or an established enterprise. You already know it.

Being a reliable source of information and content for a specific niche is one way to be chosen among the others.

The powerful Hubspot tools for content creation, content management, and content curation are a must have if you want to achieve this goal. Through relevant content, you can Always Be Helpful, which is what today’s clients want.

Be loyal

Often when brands mention “customer loyalty” they don’t think it as a two-way street. For a customer to be loyal to you, you have to give something in exchange, and you have to be loyal too.

HubSpot provides a set of tools that help you keep track of the buyer’s journey.

The powerful CRM, for example, will help your sales rep establish human relationships with a lead or a customer.

The workflows on the other hand will support you in developing a personalized communication with your potential clients and offer them the information they are looking for, according to their needs.

Sending tailored promotions according to past purchases or discounts on occasion for one’s birthday, for example, are both great ways to show loyalty to your customers.

Also, in this case, for you to succeed in these respects, you have to keep track and monitor the behavior of your leads and clients.

Be human


For the reasons we’ve mentioned above, you have to be human. People don’t want to be sold to; they want to be called by name and find another person on the other side, not a rep who’s trying to reach the quarter sales goal.

HubSpot offers you amazing features to build long-lasting human relationships with your customers.

Be brave

Whether you’re selling the trendiest line of hoodies or bolts, originality is a key in your online communication.

Being brave is an excellent way to start, but you should be careful, i.e., you must communicate in the right way with your audience with that pinch of braveness and creativity.

What is the secret to achieving this goal? Data and analytics, my friend.

HubSpot gives you the possibility to track and monitor the customer behavior on your website and blog. In this way, you can check what is working in your marketing strategy and what you need to improve.

The possibility to set personalized workflows is another chance to collect your clients’ opinion.

In this way, you’ll have enough information to be “smartly-brave” and to invest your marketing budget wisely.


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