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This article gives focus on the oil and gas industry in the Middle East and shares some of the top digital marketing ideas for companies in this domain.

The Middle East is bountiful of oil reserves and is the long-standing position holder for being 27% of the global oil producer. From Saudi Arabia, UAE to Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait, the oil and gas sector in the Middle East is ultimately the biggest of all with international oil companies actively engaging in related activities of the region for joint ventures and partnerships.

The abundance of oil production makes it a competitive sector for state-owned enterprises to stay ahead of their competition and seal the best deals on the lots. Like other industries around us having faced the brunt of COVID-19 and the downward spiral of business traction, the energy sector – particularly oil and gas companies – are looking for ways to develop a timeless turn-key model of strategy that would help them stay on top for the coming decades of digitization.

Digital Marketing Never Stops Evolving 


The industry dynamics of the energy sector are baseline different to that of other industries, such as in the space of content, engagement, and digital infrastructure. The key of online marketing is not exclusive to ranking on the first page of Google, optimizing websites, running ads, or focusing on digital documents.

Digital marketing in sync with inbound marketing steps into the shoes of your ideal buyer persona and produces insights from that unique place of perspective. By sharpening your sales and marketing frameworks in line with digitization, you ultimately win your customers. It focuses on online channels combined with in-person marketing efforts to develop an all-encompassing stance that fits perfectly into the context of the oil and gas sector in the Middle East.

One thing that remains constant about digital marketing is that it is ever-evolving, across time and space. In the light of the recent global health crisis and its aftermath, here are five time-tested and well-established digital marketing strategies that can be applied to the energy sector of the UAE and the Middle East for strengthening their business and promising targeted results.


5 Proven Digital Marketing Tips For Oil & Gas Companies


It is highly predicted that 100 years of the next digital transformation are going to be condensed to the next 10 years or one decade. Given this forecast and the increasing inclination towards “staying online” for the Middle East, it is high time oil and gas companies as well as the entire energy sector make their shift to adopting mainstream technologies for their operational frameworks.

At YourTarget, we are a team of experts specializing in making your business visible, going ahead of the competition, and outliving the test of time. In brief, these five digital marketing strategies are our favorites for the energy sector:

1. Prioritizing User Experience Across Various Touchpoints

User experience is what truly matters for a successful digital presence of any company, be it to acquire business partnerships or customers. From your website’s copy, website design to social media presence; optimal user experience should always top your priority list.  




Since the energy sector is dense, in-depth, and highly niche-targeted, you should be applying marketing techniques that are extremely compelling for laymen. Using metrics from Google Analytics to track your website’s visitors, you can determine visitor behavior by understanding how many of them are stopping by your digital presence, spending most time on which pages, and why are they bouncing off.

YourTarget leverages experience and use of advanced tools to formulate growth-driven design by comprehending your online users’ behavior so that developing strategies can cement these loopholes. From making your web copy easy to skim, understand, and engage with to optimizing the rest of web pages for maximum activity, you can excel at making the user experience nothing short of perfect.


2. Mastering Content Marketing

An important slice of digital/inbound marketing is perfecting your content marketing strategies. Content for the oil and gas sector is an essential element in capturing leads and compelling them to close the deal. Businesses who want to work with you need to know what sets you apart from other competitive companies in the market. Since they have access to a massive resource for information about your business, differentiating yourself from the competition is primarily by drawing leads in with high-quality, relevant, and targeted content.

Therefore, the next proven strategy is content marketing. There are several forms of content that you can use to effectively promote your business. From search-engine-optimized blog posts and informational guides to infographics and case studies, you can create content that unboxes complex topics and delivers data-driven value in an interesting, easy-to-consume manner.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads and SEO are two of the most mainstream digital marketing trends in the energy sector, primarily because these attract people to the specific landing pages and make the business visible which is otherwise extremely tough.


3. Performing Creative Email Marketing 

Given that email marketing is highly cost-effective and targeted to different segments of audiences, it always remains a top digital marketing technique for the energy sector. By drawing relevant customers in using content marketing strategies, you can use email marketing to stay on the top of their minds.

However, there is a thin line between becoming a nuisance and a source of information; effective email marketers know how and when to address their potential customers to inform them of relevant events, sales, and news running within. 

4. Video Marketing Is The Hottest Talk Of Town 

We all know that our attention span has become rather bite-sized in today’s overcrowded digital world. With only 2.6 seconds to capture your lead’s interest, video marketing is a powerful and proven tool to trigger interest and curiosity much more easily than other mediums of communications.




You can leverage the power of video content on your social engines to attract targeted audiences. Similarly, integrating video marketing on your website can also help potential businesses to capture the value you intend to offer. Video marketing is the best “show, don’t tell” approach and it is worthwhile to note that video trends are always changing. With new fashions cropping up, video marketing will always remain a powerful tool for consumer engagement.

5. Contemplate Going Into Metaverse

The recent turn of events shows that the online world is up for amalgamation with virtual reality to create a new realm where users can teleport to other places. Being in the energy sector, you can consider tapping the metaverse for upcoming decades so that you can provide your customers with more than one way to experience your business.




If not exactly an entrance to the metaverse, the oil and gas sector in the Middle East can level up their digital game by integrating mixed reality i.e., virtual or augmented reality to facilitate experiences and break the barriers of the physical and digital divide.

The world is evolving at an unreal pace with new technologies emerging to the fore. If you’re looking to optimize your digital marketing strategy and influence the oil and gas sector in the Middle East, our team at YourTarget is always available to lend a professional hand in accomplishing your goals.


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