Digital marketing can be a game-changer for healthcare in the Middle East. YourTarget shares a quick guide to digital marketing for healthtech companies.




The COVID-19 pandemic has driven digital refinements in the healthcare sector by conducting a need to shift to digitized platforms, which have developed into health tech applications. The shift has resulted in a new form of marketing called healthcare marketing services.


Digital marketing has allowed doctors and health experts of the Middle East to showcase their service to the digitized world beyond their locality. It enables health professionals to showcase expertise to prospective patients, build professional territory, and raise healthcare reputation.


83% of patients visit a hospital website before reserving an appointment, and  66% of internet users surf online for facts about specific medical problems or diseases. This data conveys a lot about the changing behavior of patients and individuals seeking medical assistance.


In a nutshell, the significance of digital marketing for the healthtech sector cannot be underrated. Healthtech companies must invest in their digitized marketing sector to increase their online presence, acquire more patients, and increase revenue. 


This article walks you through the advantages of investing in digital marketing for healthcare and the best approaches to implement for the desired result.


What are the advantages of digital marketing in the HealthTech sector?


The future of digitized healthcare looks damn promising as patients are more comfortable using digital services for complex and sensitive health care and wellness problems. With digitization, doctors can offer their health assistance beyond their locality, and for patients, it is comfortable to get in touch with health experts from anywhere in the world with just the ease of a phone tap. 


It is a clear signal for healthcare providers to embrace digital solutions. Modern patients desire to see how practices readjust around their lives and everyday routine. Healthcare clients demand options, customization, and comfort. And if you still don’t have a digital healthcare marketing plan for your practice, it may be the right time to rethink and invest in the digitized evolution. Let’s go through the benefits digital marketing offers to healthtech companies. 


  • It helps understand the target patient persona as per your health firm’s expertise


A significant difference and benefit of choosing digital marketing strategies over print and traditional marketing are that they assist you in defining your targets.


Healthcare online marketing helps you to be specific with your potential patient persona based on age, gender, demography, or particular behaviors and information. Also, the power of digital marketing to target patients through specific keywords enhances the possibility of reaching the desired patients.


  • It helps in improving the patient experience


A significant mass of users uses a search engine before reserving an appointment with a healthcare service provider. When people have a health issue, they look for relevant resources to help them resolve it. 




The power of digital marketing strategies to enhance the patient experience is a critical aspect of using it. It enables you to deliver the best possible health care service to your patients from anywhere in the world and get feedback from your customer for your services that you can put as a testimonial on your website and app. The positive reviews, due to a seemingly smooth experience, will have a positive impact on your work and will boost your client footfall as customers tend to first check doctors qualifications and other patients reviews.


  • It can help you outstand your competitors


The HealthTech industry has started to move towards digitalization; still, many medical practitioners are yet to adopt the digital wave. Using digital marketing tactics, you can reach out to target patients faster than them and win them over to use your medical services


Information is valuable; the power to reach out to patients and introduce them directly to your services is vital. Educating potential patients and providing them with valuable content is also one way to win them over. By using these digital marketing strategies, you can outstand your competitors in your industry.


  • It gives you flexibility in marketing


Healthcare digital marketing enables you to quickly respond to your audience’s queries, concerns, and areas of interest and refine your efforts to enhance their effectiveness


Evolution is only constant for healthcare digital marketing. The fast societal changes, the internet, and healthcare services are endless. The only constant in digital marketing is that digital marketing tools are flexible and responsive enough to keep pace and provide effective healthcare marketing results.


Guide to digital marketing for healthcare in the Middle East


Digital marketing has earned massive traction because people turn to the web to get quick access to professionals from the convenience of their homes. A McKinsey survey found that over 76% of respondents said they prefer TeleHealth over in-person doctor visits. 




That said, let’s outline some of the most persuasive strategies and best practices of online marketing:


1. Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that helps you increase your online visibility. Implementing an effective SEO strategy will help scale a thriving healthcare business. Responsive design, web page load time, mobile and voice search optimization, easy navigation, and quality content are some features that make a user experience on the website terrific. 


With SEO, you can target a specific location, boost user experience and increase brand visibility, and generate more traction for your website.


2. Pay Per Click Advertising


PPC is an online advertising service executed by search engines, social media, and other platforms where you only have to pay when a lead clicks on your ad. An example is Google AdWord, which offers text and image ads. 


Text ads are those which come on the first page of search engines. While image ads are those occasional display ads that pop up on your screen. The algorithm of these ads is based on your search history. 


PPC ads enable healthcare service websites to be visible on search engines and generate more traffic. The best part of PPC ads is that they are manageable. You can track the progress of your PPC ads to understand what’s working and what’s not. 


3. Social Media Marketing


The healthcare sector uses social media to boost its online presence and engage and reach out to more people, including prospective patients.


Social media marketing enables hospitals and healthcare practitioners to target their preferred demographics, such as age, sex, location, and more.


With social media marketing, you can deliver your healthcare service, educate people on certain health matters, deliver mental and physical health tips, and lots more. You can engage with them through your social media profile and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.


4. Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods to attain your goal to maintain a healthy, near-direct relationship with your patients. Implementing an effective email marketing campaign can help you generate more leads and more patients for your hospital.




Personalized email messages based on demographics like age, interest, location, health condition, and more help you reach your patients, constantly educate them based on health issues, and remind them of regular checkups and offers your platform delivers. Customized messages, enticing subject lines, and calls to action are key to excellent email marketing campaigns.


5. Content Marketing


Content marketing has been one of the most effective marketing strategies for healthcare firms or startups to engage with patients.


Whether through articles, blog posts, infographics, video content, and more, content marketing enables you to share your expertise with patients. For example, if you’re a dentist, you can share content on oral health, its benefits, home instructions to keep your oral health good, etc.


The goal is to provide helpful and insightful content. With content marketing, you can deliver value, establish yourself and your business as an authority in your niche, and outstand the competition. 


But in concern with the medical field, content with fewer medical terms will effortlessly connect with the audience and is generally understandable for those reading it.


How can YourTarget help?


Hospitals and medical professionals need digital marketing tools to deliver effective services and compete in this digital era. Digital marketing, advertising, social media platforms, and other technology tools reach and engage today’s audience. It’s worth every penny investing in digital marketing, be it an in-house team of professionals or hiring a professional digital marketing team.


At YourTarget, we deliver excellent digital marketing plans and strategies to promote the health tech company, reach more clients, and generate the desired revenue traction. Feel free to get in touch today and book an appointment to learn more about how the team of professionals at YourTarget can help you achieve the desired goals for your HealthTech firm or startup. We can assist your company with compelling digital marketing drives and apps in attaining new heights in the digital realm and reaching more customers and patients more effectively.



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