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A highly optimized website is essential if you want to launch an auto company in the Middle East. Check out 7 of the top automotive e-commerce solutions.

It’s no secret that the automotive industry across the globe has changed significantly over the last few decades. The downward trend in in-person automotive sales has led to a shift towards online marketplaces where consumers can purchase vehicles and parts.


The trend towards e-commerce was accelerated with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, as lockdowns shut down or upheld global supply chains and caused car sales to plummet.


But as we move further into a post-pandemic world, car sales are on the rise again and global automotive production is projected to increase from 100 million units in 2025 to 117 million units by 2030. What’s more, 61% of car buyers were open to buying online in 2021.


This reflects the need for companies to adapt their strategies to an online-first world, a shift which has given rise to numerous automotive e-commerce solutions.


In this article, we examine the top automotive e-commerce solutions for companies in the Middle East.


What is the purpose of automotive E-commerce solutions?


Traditional automotive marketing was very much focused on in-person interactions at dealerships. With the move to the digital world, companies must change the way they view and manage their own supply chains, market their businesses, and interact with leads and customers. 




An automotive e-commerce platform is used to buy and sell automotive parts and vehicles over the internet. These solutions can help companies simplify and manage things like:


  • Auto part sales
  • Order management
  • Distribution and shipping
  • Information exchange
  • Customer relationship management


But transitioning to e-commerce presents its own sets of unique challenges. It requires companies to take an omni-channel approach to marketing and selling their products and services, enabling customers to make educated decisions using information presented to them at various points in the sales cycle.


Benefits of automotive E-commerce solutions for companies in the Middle East


The advantages of automotive e-commerce solutions are substantial for both customers and companies, helping to drive business growth, increase revenue, and satisfy customers. 



1. Offer a personalized customer experience


With an automotive e-commerce solution, companies and dealerships can personalize the customer experience using customer data and insights.


These solutions allow automotive businesses to market products and services through digital channels with targeted ads that are designed to appeal to the customer’s specific wants, needs, and pain points. 


Instead of having to visit showrooms in-person, customers can simply browse and compare brands online while accessing in-depth product data and simplified ordering processes. These solutions ensure that everything involved in supply chain management is automated and up-to-date, so there’s less room for error.


2. Reach a wider audience


E-commerce empowers businesses to surpass geographic limitations and expand their audience to include different markets across the globe.


Traditionally, automotive companies focused on catering to customers in their immediate vicinity and relied on marketing methods such as radio and TV to attract customers. E-commerce makes it simpler than ever for consumers to shop and buy from anywhere, giving them access to products and services that might not be available in their area.


3. Streamline operations


With an automotive e-commerce solution, companies can transform and streamline the way they carry out their day to day operations. With this type of software, businesses can access a holistic view of things like inventory, order management and customer data from a single touchpoint.


Most e-commerce software solutions integrate with various tools that companies rely on day to day. By integrating these separate tools together, you can avoid siloed processes and ensure information is accessible across the organization.


In this way, companies can provide an omni-channel experience in which customers can view vehicles online, even test them using the power of AI, and make a decision to take the next step.


Top automotive E-commerce solutions 


1. Big Commerce


Big Commerce is an online ecommerce solution tailored to meet the needs of automotive companies. You can set up your store quickly and easily, and the user experience is much the same for your customers.


It has a built-in CRM and a variety of store management features that allow you to carry out tasks such as product management, ordering, reporting, and analytics. It also features SEO capabilities to help improve your website’s positioning in SERPs.


Top features include:


  • Storefront design capabilities like mobile optimization and WordPress integration
  • SEO and faceted search
  • Multi storefront
  • APIs and superior data orchestration


2. OROCommerce


OROCommerce is a renowned and reliable automotive e-commerce solutions that’s a great choice for distributors and wholesalers. Built to allow companies to set up and manage complex B2B transactions, ORO is a robust solution that offers countless features and benefits for companies.


It features a built-in CRM to create an all-in-one B2B e-commerce solution. Users can automate routine processes and leverage its open-source functionality to optimize and streamline operations.


Some excellent features of this platform include:


  • Dynamic pricing engine
  • An array of integrations
  • Personalized B2B catalog management
  • Built-in CMS


3. Magento Commerce


Magento is an e-commerce platform from Adobe that empowers you to build completely scalable web stores for B2B or B2C businesses that attract and convert.


To set up a global store, companies will need to buy the premium version – but once you do, you’ll be able to access a range of advanced features to create a store that looks and functions exactly how you want it to.


Take advantage of inventory management, API for web services, and a range of marketing tools to support automotive e-commerce stores of any size.


Other key features include:


  • Inventory and order management
  • Multi-channel platform
  • Business intelligence insights
  • Cloud delivery


4. Altos Digital 


Another popular choice for automotive retailers, Altos Digital provides users to build an online e-commerce store that makes it simple to buy auto parts from marketplaces such as Amazon.


Some of the top benefits of using this platform include that it allows you to buy in competitive markets and to sell your products with a high search volume. It offers effective shipping strategies to improve efficiency of operations and reduce overhead costs.


Top features include:



5. Revolution parts


Revolution Parts was created for B2B purposes and provides a plug-and-play solution that means you can get started in no time at all. You can create your own store and upload auto parts to be listed on websites like Amazon.


The platform automates order management and you can handle every interaction from a simple to use dashboard. If you want a professionally designed website that provides plenty of must-have features, this is a great option.


Key features of Revolution Parts include:


  • Easy to use shipping tools
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Reporting
  • Order routing


6. Anzael 


Anzael is a simple to use, no frills e-commerce platform that’s built for B2B and B2C users. You can set up and customize a website regardless of your level of design skills. Manage orders, stay on top of sales, and do everything else you need to run your business effortlessly.


Some great features of this platform include:


  • Social media integration
  • Simplified logistics
  • Truly mobile stores
  • SEO ready sites


7. SnapCell


SnapCell is a specified car dealer software that’s designed to help staff build rapport with customers. Although it’s not a fully-fledged e-commerce platform in itself, SnapCell leverages the popularity of video to drive sales.


You can engage with customers without having to meet them in person, helping businesses and customers achieve the flexibility they need. This tool is ideal if you want to create walk around videos to showcase products or take potential customers on virtual test drives.


Key features include:


  • Inventory integration
  • Editing app for mobile and desktop use
  • Custom reports
  • Instant messenger

Ready to build your automotive e-commerce store? 


There’s no doubt about it, to succeed as a business in today’s digitally connected world – having an online store is essential. To reach your true growth and sales potential, having a highly-optimized website that attracts and converts customers is vital.


If you’re not sure where to begin when looking for an automotive e-commerce platform, the suggestions mentioned in this article are a good starting point. When choosing the best provider for your business, remember to research all your options and ask the right questions to ensure it’s going to meet all of your needs.




Once you are all set up, you can start implementing automotive marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, boost ROI, and grow your business.


Want to know more about what it takes to market a successful automotive business? Download the YourTarget eBook on Digital Marketing Trends and Forecast 2022 with a Special Focus on the Middle East.




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