Some highlights on how YourTarget can help your business to generate more qualified leads, increase its own online visibility and much more. How? Thanks to Inbound Marketing, of course!

Besides all the times we’ve mentioned that nowadays marketing strategies shouldn’t be brand-centric, this article has been highly requested from our readers, who want to have a closer look at YourTarget’s approach when it comes to the development of an inbound marketing strategy for a prospect. And here comes one key point of inbound: giving some relevant information in order to attract qualified leads.

Are you new in this field and you haven’t got the chance to take a look at the article that explains in-depth inbound marketing? No worries. We’ll refresh your memory in a few words and then we’ll take a look at our approach to make businesses top players thanks to inbound marketing.


What is Inbound Marketing once again?

In order to really comprehend what inbound marketing is you should really reconsider all that you’ve learned about sales or marketing during that last workshop on “how to attract customers with persuasive techniques”, and start thinking about content as your new best business buddy.

In every stage of the Buyer’s Journey, the development of a different kind of content is what your marketing strategy needs in order to build long-lasting relationships with your audience and become the first choice for your potential customers.

People are really fed up with cold callings, random e-mails and “marketing experts” that actually don’t know one’s needs and requests.

The beauty of content is that with support from the right team, you can really offer something unique and appreciable to your leads, and grow your business in the most organic and natural way.

Let’s have a look at the main points our approach is based on.

YourTarget: why us for your Inbound Marketing strategy?

We really do care about your ideas

We don’t think we know it all, at all! In the first stage, the most delicate one, we take our time to study your industry, your current marketing efforts, what went wrong and what you did brilliantly! And most of all, we concentrate on who your potential customers are, how to get in touch with them and what type of content will be the most useful for them. All this, not before setting realistic and tangible goals for your business, in terms of brand awareness and lead generation.

Our point of strength is that we are great listeners, and as we’ve said, we don’t know it all when it comes to a client’s needs.

“We surely are great advisors, but we always keep in mind that customer comes first and we make from communication a mantra for both sides, in order to reach goals and satisfy expectations.    twitter_greenTweet

Infinite backgrounds, endless know – how

A thing that you might don’t know about YourTarget is that we are entirely a remote team. Besides the fact that we are proudly digital nomads, we made from this way of collaborating our point of strength. Working with people from across different cities and countries give us the possibility to rely always on the best expertise in terms of web design, sales, SEO optimization, storytelling, content marketing, social selling, graphic design and much more! Not only our team has some amazing pros in these fields, but we also have different cultural and educational backgrounds which help us to offer a personalized approach to each new client! Because we know it well, cultural aspects are very important on how to manage a client. At the end of the day, a client from Italy is far more different from a client from Canada, not only in terms of goals but also in terms of attitude and expectations. In fact, our soft skills help us comprehend for real a customer’s needs.


We offer a Real personalized approach

We don’t offer the same Inbound Marketing strategy twice. Our fortune is that we have the occasion to collaborate with businesses from different industries, such as lifestyle, fashion, industry 4.0, engineering, HR, etc. We perfectly know that every company is unique and so it’s our approach in the development of a suitable strategy for each one.

Today’s buzzword is social media marketing, but maybe is not where your customers are, or it’s simply the wrong strategy for your business. Maybe a blog will work better for you, or some visual content. How do we know it? Benchmark, testing, and expertise are what we offer to each client, in order to build a kick starter inbound marketing strategy.

We truly believe in Smarketing

What is Smarketing? It’s the alignment between Sales and Marketing because we believe that every team should be aware of what others are doing. This not only helps us to manage efficiently clients, but it’s also a perk for the client itself. In fact, we provide 360° support for our customers not only for marketing strategies but also on how to manage incoming leads and close a deal. Isn’t it fantastic?

Tailored growth-driven strategies and tools

Even the best Inbound marketing strategy is pointless if you don’t have the possibility to monitor your results. As an official HubSpot partner, we provide a wide range of professional tools which will support you at every stage of the development of your online visibility. Tools for monitoring, managing, blogging, designing are crucial if you want to achieve your goals.

You have no idea from where to start? No worries, we have a tailored solution for you that will help you achieve amazing results.

On the other hand, our experienced web and graphic designers will support you in the building of your website according to current trends and online “do’s” to become the leader of your industry.

We won’t say that we are the best on the market because we know that new competitors are around the corner on a daily basis. But we want to tell you that we truly embrace the inbound marketing methodology for 3 main reasons:

  • we really want to support your business to make an impact and we want to give you the tools to be helpful for your clients;
  • we make sure that the customer is always first, and not only as a business but as one’s goals, expectations, and needs;
  • we know that not interruptive and useful content is what your audience needs and wants, and we are here to support you in the amazing journey of Inbound Marketing.


Do you want to know a little bit more about Inbound Marketing and how we can help your business? Book your free consultation today! A member of our team can’t wait to answer all of your questions.

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