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FinTech in the Middle East is booming. Here’s a checklist of digital marketing ideas for FinTech startups to effectively capture the market

We recently researched for neo banking online, and instantly there were a lot of FinTech results, specifically around UAE and Saudi Arabia. Well, do you also want your FinTech Startup to appear on the top of search results online? If you said yes to this, then it’s about time that you grab a seat, put your reading glasses on and thoroughly go through our top ten digital marketing strategies for FinTech Startups, specifically those who want to flourish in the Middle East Region.


1. What Would You Prefer? FinTech B2B or B2C


Before you start spending money on the digital transformation of your brand image, you need to decide which set of audience you would target your campaigns for. This is necessary because you need to be entirely sure before you start spending time, money, and energy on digital marketing. If you don’t have a proper strategy, this will just be like driving a car with a flat tire. It won’t get your FinTech startup anywhere.


2. The Future Is Mobile, Are You?


When we say that the future of the Middle East is mobile, we mean it one hundred percent ! Users around the globe use the internet on their mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. So when you start the digital marketing journey of your FinTech startup in the UAE or other parts of the Middle East region,, you should make sure that your websites and web applications are entirely responsive. 


Now, what do we mean by your websites being responsive? Well, your website and its web interface need to be responsive for mobile devices. Make sure that it cascades down automatically on various devices with different aspect ratios.


Now you might ask why being responsive is vital for your digital bank’s company in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle East countries. Well, it is because of the fact that a responsive website might help your website scale higher on the search engine result pages. This is a critical aspect of the digital marketing world, and you need to think about it if you want to scale up your neo banking business on the internet.


3. Think Social, Go Global


You sure don’t want to grow your startup only in one city in the UAE. That’s why we’d suggest you take the help of social media to increase your online banking business online. 


The best way to utilise social media marketing for your online neo bank is to hire skilled social media marketers and let them do their job because they are experts in that. And instead of giving too much thought to your social presence could harm your business.


Make sure that your social media marketing strategy includes stellar content creation, partnership with different brands and influencers to make an affluent show of your business on social media. This will attract your customers and people active in venture capital to make investments in your business.


4. Supporting A Cause? Let Them Know

If you are working out of Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the Middle East, and your FinTech company supports any social cause, you shouldn’t be shy of it. If you tell your potential clients and recurring customers about it, it portrays a valuable image of your brand, making your FinTech company popular among the netizens.




5. Explore The Unexplored – Share Knowledge


If you want to capture the new market cap, then you should definitely try to convert and cash in new customers. Well, how can you do that? There’s only one solution for this – you will have to educate those who are unaware about the convenience of neo banking. 


Now doing this, with the help of blogs, videos, and white papers, you will be adding new customers to the marketplace. And since you have added all those customers, they will be most likely to trust you with their banking. All of this gives you an edge with the help of digital marketing.


6. Have A USP, & Market It Robustly


Every FinTech company, or every renowned company for that matter, has a tagline as well as a unique selling proposition. What’s yours? If you don’t have one, you need to come up with a USP and a tagline to plan your marketing strategies around it. 


Your robust marketing will lead to a splendid brand image and help you capture the market for your upcoming neo banking company. Yes, it might take a little bit of investment with copywriters and digital marketers, but believe us, it will be totally worth it!

7. Introduce Incentives 


We don’t mean incentives for your employees, but incentives for your customers when we say incentives. These incentives could be in the form of credit scores, coupons, and cash back rewards. Announce partnerships with different brands, online shopping websites, retail outlets, restaurants, and other places.


The incentives that you introduce your customers would let you keep them for a longer time. This means that you will have more retention rate, making your FinTech startup all the more popular in the region.


8. Make Use Of In-app Marketing


Do you know what the most challenging part of keeping a FinTech business up and running is? It’s customer retention. If you want to make your customers keep coming back to you, you should use your neo banking mobile application in-app marketing. Show advertisements, and hit your motto via in-app ads.




Tell your customers about the ongoing offers if they do transactions via your app. And make sure that advertisements keep in touch while they are browsing your app.

9. Build Up Trust With Your Customers


Another factor that hinders the growth of a startup in the finance space is the trust factor. You see, everybody doesn’t trust just any bank out there. And especially when it comes to a new internet banking startup, it becomes problematic. So you need to build trust with your customers with the help of digital marketing. You need to market all your certifications as well as what your FinTech companies have achieved. Moreover, if you have anchor investors or angel investors, you need to state their names on your websites publicly. Now, why did we say so? Because if you have angel investment from renowned investors, then your startup becomes instantly compatible.


10. Explore Further With Existing Customers


If you have some existing customers for your online banking company, you should explore new grounds. The best way to do this is via email marketing. Plan on sending out newsletters to your existing customers. Make sure that you use keywords from your SEO strategy in your emails and keep your customers abreast with new information in the FinTech space and how you plan to explore those with your customers.


The Bottom Line

Now you know how you can grow your business with dedicated digital marketing strategies, so you shouldn’t wait another day and let your new business opportunities sail away. So what is your favourite strategy from the above mentioned digital marketing strategies? Do tell us in the comment section below!

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